Just another Liberal Bigot

Humberto Fontova would like for you to know that MSNBC’s  Donny Deutsch is a bigot, and Pharmer is more than happy to help.

Deutsch is upset by the recalcitrantly republican Cubans.   If  a lot of your associates and friends  are first, second or third generation Cuban imports to America, you will know that about 90 percent of them  lean heavily to the right politically.   These people know the problems of communism, appreciate American values, and are interested in CONSERVING them.  It makes sense that so many Cubans  habitually  cast a right wing vote.

For those of you unfamiliar with Deutsch’s terminology, “coconut” is to Hispanics as  “oreo” is to Blacks.   People with an infusion of black or brown skin color, or any mix thereof,  are expected by the Liberals to be mentally impaired as a result of this pigmentation, and are thought to need help from the government in order to survive.  The racist, bigot lefties consider anyone of independent streak, who refuses help from the government, and prefers to fend for himself to be not fitting their stereotype for those with black or brown skin.   From this attitude comes the disparaging language mentioned above.