Letting the Kid Live can be Controversial

This is especially true for famous people who decide to open up their personal lives. The most recent example is the super bowl ad planned by Focus on the Family with Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. CBS is being petitioned to cut this ad out of the Superbowl lineup because it is too controversial for the Tebow family to tell their story of choosing life and encourage others to do so.

Older pro lifers remember assurances from the abortion proponents, decades ago, that the fears that women would feel coercion to abort in the events of pregnancy complications and untoward fetal diagnoses were unfounded. But we knew what would happen. The time has arrived when women are openly criticized for allowing disabled babies to be born. Ninety percent of babies diagnosed prior to birth with Down syndrome are aborted. Sarah Palin is one example of those who are roundly criticized for not killing their babies prior to birth.

Pro abortion groups feel unashamed to request the suppression of free speech exercised in this super bowl ad. Tim Tebow’s very life has become an issue of controversy.