Media Matters Tax Exempt Status, and Drudge has Phishing Infection.

Media Matters Puts Tax-Exempt Status in Jeopardy – Big Journalism.

Media Matters has been  is actively attacking the functions of tax payers for political gain.

Of interest is its project to stop advertizers from running ads on Fox network, something to which headman David Brock has admitted.

The non-profit is engaging in the same activities that it supposedly was formed to monitor.   It should not have tax exempt status according to IRS regulations, but since lefties control the IRS,  Media Matters, like Planned Parenthood, will retain tax exempt status no matter the extent of their violations.

This mornings entertainment…….. if you go to the drudgereport. a phishing site (such as quizstopweb)  will pop up and ask you for your email and shipping address.   This clutch of phishing sites  comprises  an ip data collector.  Drudge has many things to say that the government does not want you to hear.  Don’t give up on it.   Just try to get around it.

The Drudge viewing app available for ipod and ipad  is much nicer, as it bypasses ads like crazy and does not have a phisher  asking  for your information.   Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until Apple gets its sites back up. Apparently Lion, the new operating system, and its cloud computing goodies are being set up.


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  1. To the Cloud! Good one on exposing the phishing scam(s). Unrelated, Pfizer is trying to do an end around on generic atorvastatin by applying to the FDA for an OTC version of the potent statin…unlikely to succeed thinks EastSideHunky.

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