NBC Malpractice Watch

NBC has repeatedly been caught editing video and audio recordings  to convey  false impressions about a person or a bit of news.  The case of George Zimmerman’s 911 call has become famous, and NBC is now  being sued for cutting the audio to make it seem as though though Zimmerman was out  hunting Black kids.

Breitbart and Newbusters have been keeping tabs and if you follow those links, to the left,  you can see fudged news number 7.   You can follow this link to see number 6 of their collection, which creates some fake content in a Joe Biden speech.

Number 7 is cut to convey the false  idea that Pete Sessions thinks the poor are disproportionately comprised of rapists murderers and pedophiles.  They cut and pasted clips from a number of his speaking segments to assemble this bit of anti-news.  Instead, if you hear all of the segments, you will learn that Sessions is pushing  to cut food stamp benefits from those aforementioned convicted criminals,  so that those in actual need of assistance can be prioritized.

For those of you who hate conservatives, your feelings might be derived from listening to too much NBC anti-news.