Obamacare: Abortion for Cost Control

FOXNews.com – Stupak Claims Committee Chairman Wants Government to Fund Abortions.

In italics is the pertinent segment from the FOX news article, and it should be noted that Dems are now backpedaling from this.

“In an interview with Marquette, Mich., radio station WKQS’ Mark & Walk morning show, Stupak described what he said was a conversation with Waxman about the Senate’s version of the health care overhaul. That bill contains weaker language than the House-passed legislation, which includes a provision crafted by Stupak to ensure insurance companies that participate in a national exchange don’t use federal money for abortion services.

“I gave him the language. He came back a little while later and said, ‘But we want to pay for abortions.’ I said, ‘Mr. Chairman, that’s — we disagree. We don’t do it now, we’re not going to start.’

“‘But we think we should,'” Stupak said Waxman told him.

Waxman issued a statement late Friday that sought to clarify his position but didn’t address Stupak’s claim.”

Nothing has changed.  The Dems know they can’t support all of the kids of people who supported Obama.  So there has to be a way to reduce the output.

Remember Pelosi saying that contraception and family planning (euphemism for abortion on demand) are necessary and good for the economy?

Whether or not there is actual funding of abortion in this years Obamacare, that funding will come.   In the meantime,  under threats that unplanned babies or those  with congenital  defects  won’t be covered by Obamacare,  abortions will become an unfunded  government mandate.

The only problem is that kids = future tax payers.   In order to prevent the upside down pyramid of the federal Ponzi scheme,  there has to be massive killing of the elderly to balance killing the babies.

Taxpayers — thank you for your service to our country, from the Democrats.