Obama’s Most Energetic Fan, Ellie Light

With more residences than the Kerrys and the McCains combined, Ellie Light is a most prolific supporter of Obama nationwide. Her output is being tracked most energetically at Patterico’s Pontifications, in a post that lists 73 letters to newspapers in the US and around the world, with many more added in the comment section.

Suspicion is cast upon Ms. Light, suggesting that she’s a paid perma-campaigner, trying to explain the travails of the commander in chief to the nation. Many of us have seen the like camped out in political blogs and chatrooms for so many hours per day, that they had to be getting a salary for the work.

Pharmer’s guess is that Obama has to pay for his plastic grass roots.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Most Energetic Fan, Ellie Light

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