Old Media Governed From the White House

David Axelrod Gives Media Its Marching Orders.

Have you ever wondered how Rush Limbaugh’s staff creates its media montages of the newscasters saying almost exactly the same words about a given story?

It’s because the old media outlets have a direct line from the White House telling them what to say next.

John Nolte of Breitbart has captured some Tweeted marching orders from David Axelrod (that guy who sent the nice e-mail to Pharmer right after Obama was elected).

Nolte also reminds us of the Vetting of Obama, and the miserable June jobs numbers which have to be obscured by a media wave of coverage about Romney’s old tax shelters which the IRS has allowed for years.

Pharmer believes that a rich guy who doesn’t use legal tax shelters (to divert his money away from government waste) should be considered too stupid to be president.