Pope Benedict Cleaning House

The real reason Archbishop Favalora of Miami was made to resign.

A Conservative Catholic watchdog group formed in Miami reports on the early resignation of Archbishop John Favalora.   He stepped down 8 months before usual retirement time based on a canon law allowing this to happen if there is a significant reason a bishop cannot perform his duties.

Given that the Bishop has no serious health problems, the reasons for the resignation are attributable to the house cleaning efforts of the Vatican over the last several years.

In a nutshell, the archdiocese of Miami has had a bunch of  practicing gay priests, as well as other significant departures from church teaching.   Vatican officials have been paying visits to US Seminaries  since 2005.  Seminarians in Miami report a change of climate in the recent period preceding the resignation of Bishop Favalora, with more tolerance of the orthodox  traditionalists.   The much more conservative Thomas Wenski, a bishop from Orlando, is slated to assume leadership  of Miami Archdiocese.

The scrubbing continues.