Purdue Student Assistance: A List of Left Leaning Professors

It’s a bit worrisome to register a student at Purdue and find that the course offerings to satisfy general requirements are increasingly filled with “foo foo” classes.  These are the kinds of courses which you can identify as leftie just from the title alone.   Fortunately this offspring of Pharmer has completed a bunch of general requirements during high school, and might be able to skip almost all of these offerings.  It’s a good feeling not to be wasting any tuition dollars on them.   Yours truly is instead  recommending some on-line alternatives to learn about American history and the Constitution.  Check out Hillsdale College, for example.

On a more reassuring note, Mitch Daniels, the new president at Purdue University, in Indiana, has gotten himself into hot water with some of the leftie  professors there  He has long voiced opposition to using a history textbook by Howard Zinn  (A People’s History of the United States) as a compulsory text in public schools, K-12,  citing its strongly leftward bias.   His reasoning is that those students are a much more captive audience than college students, who choose their own schools and pay their own way, and they should not be spoon fed  “history” from the left.

Here’s a link to a letter, signed by 90 of the more left-leaning professors at Purdue, taking former Governor Mitch Daniels to task for opposing the use of the use of Zinn’s  works to  instruct students from grades K thru 12.   This letter is extremely valuable to prospective or current Purdue students because it can help with course selection.    The names of 90 leftie academic employees are appended to the letter, and this information can help with course selection.   Conservatives can choose to avoid the classes, and the possible lowering of their GPA that might occur, if they openly oppose the professors’ teachings.    Leftie students can use the list to suck up more leftism, (and become a bit less employable in productive fields) if they so choose.

Purdue students,  don’t go to school without this useful list.   It  is not comprehensive, nor  100 percent reliable as a predictor of flaming leftism, but it’s probably the best ideological guide to course selection that you could find in such a small space.

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