Sen Richard Lugar of Indiana Announces Plans to Retire

Lugar pushes to renew assault weapons ban – On Congress –

Yes, it’s true,   Lugar, who has favored the START treaty, and now is calling for a ban on assault rifles, is Obviously wanting to retire from the Senate.  He just wants a little push.

Hoosier teapartiers, such as Pharmer are eager to help him find his next career.

Rep. Peter King of New York has made disgusting noises about gun control, and will likely  be removed also, for trying to politicize the Arizona shootings by the deranged leftist, Jared Lee Loughner.

3 thoughts on “Sen Richard Lugar of Indiana Announces Plans to Retire

  1. at least he had the guts to introduce something that is very unpopular. i suppose if someone you know or someone in your household was blasted away by an assault weapon you might take another view. guns are fine. but who needs an assault pistol with 30 in the clip, certainly not joe sixpack? i am just wondering here, but i wonder how many people are permanently deranged who shoot up a crowd or how many or temporarily messed up when the kill people with that kind of firepower?

    in the usa you will never get a gun control law banning assault weapons because of the gun lobby and gun manufacturers unless/until everyone in america has someone they know get killed on the streets of america by someone not deemed to be a nut. so gun lovers relax because that is not coming any time soon.

    1. Someone thinks the size of the magazine determined whether Jared Lougher would attempt his attack in Arizona. 😉

      Someone thinks that criminals, hell bent on massacre, pay attention to gun regulations, buy only legal equipment, and are unable alter their own armaments.

      Pharmer is amused.

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