Sex Offenders Adding Atmosphere to the Occupy Protests

Occupy Madison loses permit – News – The Daily Cardinal – University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Staff at a hotel near the protest at 30 West Mifflin St., Madison, Wi, complained of needing to escort visitors because of the protesters inappropriate behavior, which included public masturbation.

In Manchester, NH, Justina Jenson is accused of pimping a 16 year old girl that she met at the Occupy NH rally.

Sex offender Raymond Allen Curtis, from California,  has registered the Occupy rally at Lownsdale Square in Portland Oregon as his address.  Watch out kiddies!

The organizers of occupy Baltimore developed their own policy towards the expected sexual abuse.  These allegations were to be handled by one “Koala! Largesse” .   Involving the police was discouraged, but if a person chose to do so,  they were told to report any incidents within three days.

There’s a compendium of various offenses “rap sheet” of the Occupy Rallies assembled at Breitbart’s Big Journalism.