South Dakota Physicians Will Not Do Abortions

Meet Carol Ball, who travels weekly to perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood Facility in Sioux Falls, SD. Peter Sleven of the Washington Post provides a  friendly writeup of this abortion provider, now advanced in years, who travels weekly to perform the most common, routine surgical procedure in the US, but one  that no resident physician in South Dakota will do.

Sleven recalls the shooting of  George  Tiller in this article, and this famous late term abortionist of Kansas  is likely to be  memorialized in every such article for years to come.    It is notable  that cops, who are willfully killed in the line of duty, are not similarly remembered by the journalists.  Perhaps the burden of recalling so many names, or even one per article,  is too cumbersome.

Also notable in this account is that age  or time seems to reduce  the  worry about what other people  think.    At this stage in her life,  Carol Ball  will publicly admit that she works for Planned Parenthood.  In her younger years, she would simply mention, when asked,  that she was an obstetrician and gynecologist.