Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate |

Shop at Hobby Lobby! They’re now the largest privately owned company to sue the Obama administration over its Health and Human Services Mandate. David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby explains that he will pay 1.3 million dollars in fines if he refuses to buy insurance that covers types of birth control that Evangelical Christians oppose. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is providing legal representation in this challenge to the HHS Mandate.

Prayers for the success of Mr. Green and the Hobby Lobby Corporation in their efforts to defend religious freedom.

Christian CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Sues Obama Admin. Over HHS Mandate |

Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate In Effect for Businesses |

Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate Goes Into Effect |

As of August 1, businesses are now forced to cover birth control, abortion and sterilizations for free, according to the Obama Health and Human Services Mandate.

Those business owners who oppose any of the above have been stripped of their First Amendment Right of religious freedom.

One exception has been made for the Catholic owned business,  Hercules Industries which sued in Colorado  for exemption from the mandate, while its lawsuit is being considered.

Two other lawsuits have been dismissed, on technical issues rather than on the merits of the cases.

The Price of Obamacare: Loss of Religious Freedom

Obama: It‘s ’Not Fair’ That Catholic Employers Would Deny Women Contraception Coverage | Video |

At 2:09 of this video is the pertinent exchange in which Obama reiterates his stance that employers and all insurers must provide birth control, abortion, and sterilization, regardless of their religious convictions. He has exempted only actual Churches from this, forgetting that people practice their religion outside of worship services. (Note that when speaking of this, the actual services are disingenuously lumped under the misnomer, “contraception”.

‘Life issue’ not addressed by AME Church (

Pastor Joseph Parker of  Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church came away from his denomination’s convention in Nashville disappointed that the life issues were not addressed.  Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker, and with her husband’s record on abortion and related issues, one wouldn’t expect that to be her favorite topic.   Rev. Parker’s group distributed copies of Maafa  21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America.  a documentary of how minorities have been targeted by the abortion industry.  He points out that Obama’s government is supporting Planned Parenthood to the tune of a million dollars per day.

“We think of the fact that lots in the African-American community wouldn’t think highly of an organization like the KKK, but the reality is Planned Parenthood kills more African-Americans in two weeks than the Klan has killed in its whole 150 history,” notes Parker. “And so it’s important that people in the African-American community become aware of how dangerous the organization of Planned Parenthood is.”

via ‘Life issue’ not addressed by AME Church (

Now Obamacare Faces the Religious Freedom Challenges

Becket Fund’s HHS Mandate Challenge | Becket Fund.

There are dozens of federal lawsuits based upon the violations of human rights, that are expressed in the Sebelius HHS Mandate of Obamacare. At issue is its funding of birth control, sterilization and abortion, by forcing people to pay for it in violation of their religion. Obamacare also provides these services to minors without parental consent. Alliance Defense Fund has a fact sheet explaining these aspects of Obamacare.

The Colson center outlines the coming legal challenges to Obamacare in an article HERE.

In addition to religious affiliated organizations, private businesses owned by people of conscience are also filing suit against the Obamacare mandate, for example, O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC, represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.

Korea: Morning-after pills changed to OTC status, Daily BC pills changed to prescription only

Morning-after pills can be bought OTC.

South Korea used to sell most forms of birth control over the counter, with the morning after pills being prescription only. They have reversed this trend, putting nine of eleven brands of morning after pill over the counter. Note: the articles in English do not specify if prescription status of Ulipristal acetate is affected in this change.

The KDFA justification for changing daily administered birth control pill brands to prescription status is due to their side effects, which were listed at the Korea Herald as: thrombosis, thromboembolism, thrombo puerperalis, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis among others. The pills are banned from being administered to women with breast cancer, endometrial cancer, hepatitis and thromboembolism. Their use is also restricted among women who are over 40 years old, obese, have headaches, depression or other related conditions.

The Korean association of OB-Gyns is not in favor of putting morning after pills over the counter, citing studies that show that their availability does not reduce abortion demand.
The Catholic Diocese of Cheongju has registered opposition, stating that they will call for KFDA head Lee Hee-sung to resign.

In the above linked report, as with most news articles in countries where abortion has become controversial, there is the unsupported claim that the BC works only by affecting ovulation.

In opposition to this, the Drinks Business Review reports:
“KFDA officer Cho Ki-ho said  according to their panel of experts, the main mechanism behind the emergency pills is the interference of hormonal action, linked to interference of implantation.”

“”We are hoping that the wider access to the morning-after pill will prevent unwanted pregnancies. Because the drug is effective within 12 hours from sexual intercourse and at utmost 72 hours, time and access to the drug is very important. The pill is not an ordinary contraceptive. It is for very limited, urgent and frightening situations only,” Cho said.”