FDA Approves Use of Antiretroviral, Truvada, for HIV Prevention

US FDA approves first drug shown to reduce risk of HIV infection | Society | guardian.co.uk.

What happens with the anti-infectives which are used for PREVENTION, instead of treating infections?
Resistance abounds.

The FDA has approved the use of Truvada, an antiretroviral agent with two ingredients, emtricitabine (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor) and tenofovir, (nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor). This is now recommended for use in a non-infected partner who decides to have sexual contact with an HIV infected partner. The protection rate in the most favorable African study is 75%. Other studies done in the U.S. show results which are not nearly that good. Participants in the Truvada HIV prevention studies were encouraged to also use condoms.

Hope that extra special sex is worth $14,000 per year in the U.S., the still present risk of HIV, the risk of kidney damage, as well as the risk of making HIV strains more resistant to two more drugs, and the combo cocktails which contain them.

Pharmer chalks this FDA decision up with the scores of other irrational choices to misuse drugs without consideration of the present and long term drawbacks.

Europe’s Answer to Prenatal HIV Exposure


They’ve lost energy and funding for medical research in Europe, and have been pushing abortion for all sorts of untoward prenatal diagnoses, so this new abomination is just one in a series.

This resolution was passed by Members of the European Parliament on the first of December. Along with the push for aborting the babies of HIV infected moms, comes promotion of the risky behavior which spreads HIV, and use of the inadequate means of “protection”.

A number of factors have pushed the advancement of medical science in Europe into a state of suspended animation. One is the inherently bankrupt nature of government run medicine. Another is the practice of killing the victims which eliminates the pressure to find medical means to alleviate their suffering.

There have been regimens of HIV meds given to  infected mothers,  and regimens of zidovudine or nevirapine used in newborns, to prevent the appearance of HIV in the infant, which have met with very high rates of success.

Apparently an extreme impoverishment of the health care systems in Europe  motivates them to promote abortion as a solution to this problem, instead of using antiretroviral drugs.

Cincinnati Funds Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Rape | LifeNews.com

Cincinnati Funds Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Rape | LifeNews.com.

Cincinnati’s Board of Health could find no better provider than Planned Parenthood for its program of HIV testing and prevention.    An $85,000 dollar grant is going to the same Planned Parenthood affiliate which was sued for failure to comply with Ohio’s informed consent law with respect to abortion procedures.

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio is recognized for the two lawsuits stemming from its failure to notify authorities concerning abortions for  minor females, in whom pregnancy is evidence of statutory rape at the very least.  The men causing the pregnancies in both of these cases have jail time for their crimes.

Trash Science News Headline Misleads News Skimmers

Doctors Claim HIV-Positive Man Cured by Stem Cell Transplant – FoxNews.com.

1) This is the case of an HIV infected person with leukemia getting a BONE MARROW transplant, (actually two of them).

2) The headline says “stem cells”, without specifying that this is old technology using adult bone marrow cells from a compatible donor.

3) The donor cells in this case lacked  expression of the receptor on CD4  T  cells  to which the HIV virus attaches.

4) The recipient does not have the AIDs  symptoms of HIV anymore, and will not have to take antiretroviral drugs.  He will have to take immunosuppressive drugs after the transplant to prevent  or treat graft vs host disease.   The length of need for these drugs varies.

5) The virus can still potentially be transmitted by a patient to another person  after that form of treatment.

More  detail on this case.

HIV testing at the DMV and Abortion drugs at the Discount Store.

D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV.

Washington DC, the HIV capital of the United states wants everyone to know that HIV testing is just a routine thing… conveniently available at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  You can get an HIV test with your license renewal.

The FDA wanted people to be able to obtain abortion drugs, (ulipristal acetate, ELLA) an analog of RU486, mifepristone, at the discount store pharmacy.

Wouldn’t want people to drive out of their way to address these mattters.

In some states  Washington, for example, a student can be driven after school for an abortion, by a school official.  No parental consent or signature is needed for that extra curricular activity.

The highest value of our governments-gone-wrong is convenience

Washington DC, Beefing Up the Failed AIDS Prevention Program

D.C. to begin using more-expensive Trojan condoms in HIV prevention program. ………. because people were whining that the Durex brand wasn’t good enough.   Some of these  delusional denizens of DC, screaming for better freebies,  also complained about the size.  Pharmer suggests that they instead discontinue the hallucinogens.

Recall that the Harvard AIDS prevention project  produced data which shows  that the condom distribution  programs do not prevent or reduce transmission of the virus at the population level, so Washington DC,  the HIV  capital of the United States, where  3 percent of residents have the virus, is likely to remain as such.