Ann Coulter’s Abortion Bomb

Pharmer often likes Ann Coulter for being utterly blunt and tactless, saying exactly what she means, no matter the audience. Sometimes, however,  Coulter is 100% wrong and an utter disaster, and she made that grade this week in her support of killing babies who result from rape.

It’s complete idiocy to suggest that one person should be killed for the crime of another. Plenty of people are willing to dehumanize the baby in order to make her into the scapegoat of rape. We have more reported rapes since the legalization of abortion, and more reported pregnancies from “rape”. Not all of these stories are genuine, hence the term “legitimate rape”, for which Akin has been castigated. There was no reason at all to castigate Richard Mourdock for suggesting that God can bring something good out of a bad event.

My main difference with Ann Coulter is that I  hate to be illogical, inconsistent and wrong, on the issue of abortion, just because the majority chooses to be wrong.

Coulter, with her expensive Cornell education, apparently doesn’t mind closely following the herd wherever it goes, on the issue of killing humans, indicating that she has no core values in this area.  She’s is being pelted with the herd’s excrement, as well as stepping in it, making her a very messy Cornell gurl. Who would want to make a huge financial investment for an education that produces such a result?

See other,  more tactful  comments on Ann Coulter’s abortion bomb, at Jill Stanek’s place, and by Rebecca Kiessling

Voice Analysis Software Indicates Cain Tells the Truth, Bialek Lies

Software Analyzing Voice Recognition Says Herman Cain Telling Truth of His Innocence | Video |

It appears that a person can get a lie detector test without making any effort.  Herman Cain has just had one, courtesy of private investigator TJ Ward, who applied his software voice analysis to the recent press conference.  His software rates Cain’s speech as low risk, which means he’s likely telling the truth.

When Sharon Bialek described sexual impositions in her meeting with Cain, the software rated her as high risk.  Ward said that she is likely not lying about having met him, but is lying  what what happened.

Law enforcement uses similar voice analysis  software with a very high degree of success in detecting lies.

Comments at this story on the Blaze were amusing, with one person suggesting that applying the equipment  set the test equipment on fire.

Meanwhile,  Ann Coulter has a column, worth reading, which details the David Axelrod actions to wipe out Obama’s political opponents in Chicago.   Remember, Sharon has a residential kind of connection with Axelrod at the very least.

She notes that the allegations against Cain all stem from time with the National Restaurant Association, and no other time of his long business career.   The NRA period is Cain’s closest brush with the Chicago cesspool.

With poor Perry showing some really bad performance at the debates (order of magnitude  worse than neophyte- Pharmer’s first appearance on national television),  Cain is the current top tier conservative.  This will inspire further false allegations and attacks from the left.  They fear him even more than they fear Palin.