Ann Coulter’s Abortion Bomb

Pharmer often likes Ann Coulter for being utterly blunt and tactless, saying exactly what she means, no matter the audience. Sometimes, however,  Coulter is 100% wrong and an utter disaster, and she made that grade this week in her support of killing babies who result from rape.

It’s complete idiocy to suggest that one person should be killed for the crime of another. Plenty of people are willing to dehumanize the baby in order to make her into the scapegoat of rape. We have more reported rapes since the legalization of abortion, and more reported pregnancies from “rape”. Not all of these stories are genuine, hence the term “legitimate rape”, for which Akin has been castigated. There was no reason at all to castigate Richard Mourdock for suggesting that God can bring something good out of a bad event.

My main difference with Ann Coulter is that I  hate to be illogical, inconsistent and wrong, on the issue of abortion, just because the majority chooses to be wrong.

Coulter, with her expensive Cornell education, apparently doesn’t mind closely following the herd wherever it goes, on the issue of killing humans, indicating that she has no core values in this area.  She’s is being pelted with the herd’s excrement, as well as stepping in it, making her a very messy Cornell gurl. Who would want to make a huge financial investment for an education that produces such a result?

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