Leftists Behind the Curve as Planned Parenthood Abandons “Pro-Choice” to Designate Pro-Abortion

3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By “Choice” Blog Day.

Jill Stanek is coordinating pro-life Bloggers efforts on the third annual “Blog for Choice” day, which is today.  Click above or her MAIN Blog to keep abreast of the days activities.

The abortion supporters  promote the now moribund “Choice” marketing of Abortion,  though planned parenthood has abandoned it.  Casting about for alternate promotional methods, PP has abused the image and holiday of Rev. Martin Luther King, whom his niece, Dr. Althea King, says was pro-life,  for its latest campaign.

Today is your chance to un-promote all of the abortionists. You can enter the discussion online. and utilize the hashtag #tweet4choice if you are on Twitter.   This hashtag might change as the day wears on, so it pays to keep current at Jill’s blog.

As the Abortion proponents use today as a special time  to market their wares,  Pro-lifers can turn the day into a big debate.  Don’t forget to remind people that the 40th anniversary March for Life is happening on the 25th, and that the media will ignore this huge rally,  even though it will be bigger than the crowd at the second inauguration of our abortionist-in-chief.

Ann Coulter’s Abortion Bomb

Pharmer often likes Ann Coulter for being utterly blunt and tactless, saying exactly what she means, no matter the audience. Sometimes, however,  Coulter is 100% wrong and an utter disaster, and she made that grade this week in her support of killing babies who result from rape.

It’s complete idiocy to suggest that one person should be killed for the crime of another. Plenty of people are willing to dehumanize the baby in order to make her into the scapegoat of rape. We have more reported rapes since the legalization of abortion, and more reported pregnancies from “rape”. Not all of these stories are genuine, hence the term “legitimate rape”, for which Akin has been castigated. There was no reason at all to castigate Richard Mourdock for suggesting that God can bring something good out of a bad event.

My main difference with Ann Coulter is that I  hate to be illogical, inconsistent and wrong, on the issue of abortion, just because the majority chooses to be wrong.

Coulter, with her expensive Cornell education, apparently doesn’t mind closely following the herd wherever it goes, on the issue of killing humans, indicating that she has no core values in this area.  She’s is being pelted with the herd’s excrement, as well as stepping in it, making her a very messy Cornell gurl. Who would want to make a huge financial investment for an education that produces such a result?

See other,  more tactful  comments on Ann Coulter’s abortion bomb, at Jill Stanek’s place, and by Rebecca Kiessling

Jill Stanek: Karl Rove, fair weather friend

Karl Rove, fair weather friend. <-Click it, read it, pass it on. This synopsis is a quick and very important read, which validates Pharmer's notion that Karl Rove has never been a friend of conservatives or pro-lifers. You'll learn of Rove's connection to the Todd Akin and the Susan Komen Foundation vs. planned parenthood issues.

While the tea-party does the slow work of transforming the nation, pro-lifers will have to support Romney, though his record on life issues is spotty, just to get Obama-the-Extremist out. Absent a massive conversion on Mitt’s part, conservatives should still be casting about for his replacement, and be able to supply a strong primary opponent in 2016, or a third party opponent, depending on the response of the republican establishment.

The Tea-Party needs to repeatedly demonstrate to the Rove- RINO’s that they are no longer needed. One effective means of accomplishing this is helping Todd Akin beat Claire McCaskill. This is worthwhile for every member of the grass roots, whether or not they are big on the abortion issue itself. The republican establishment has been dissing the Tea-Party since the beginning, and we need to show them who’s boss. All of us would benefit from the retirement of Karl Rove and his ilk.

Reminder: Bus Tour Schedule: | SBA-List

Bus Tour Schedule: | SBA-List.

Susan B. Anthony bus tour is going to be fairly  close to the Pharm on Thursday AM 8-23.  Check the schedule above.

Local readers consider heading  into Ohio to hear articulate, right wing, pro-life  women.


Update:  The whirlwind tour zoomed through Blue Ash, in Cincinnati and up to Dayton, and then Columbus.

Here’s a Pic of the Cincinnati stop:

It was a chance for your friendly Pharmer to meet up with top pro-life blogger, Jill Stanek, who has that sociable, friendly magic, and the real scoop.

Obama is Selling his Daughters for Sex Without Reproduction Again

Beyond creepy: Obama uses daughters to push abortion.

Remember when Obama used his then 6 and 9 year old daughers, at the Compassion Forum, as OBJECT examples supporting his love of abortion. He wouldn’t want them to be Punished With a Baby.

Jill Stanek has caught him abusing his girls, Malia and Sasha, again, this time at UNDER-ages 14 and 11. Right after Planned Parenthood aborted the baby of Tanya Reaves, as well as Ms. Reaves herself, Obama was out stumping for them again. He reiterated his support for the biggest abortion chain: “I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices. We’re not going backwards, we’re going forwards.”

People could bulimicize to this news. It’s so nauseating to see Obama using his adolescent daughters to sell the tax payer funding of Planned Parenthood.

Multiple mistakes about Obama and the Born Alive Act in new book, “The Amateur” | Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek reviews Obama opposition to protection for babies born alive, though their mothers were wanting abortion. She addresses errors in the new book “The Amateur”, which is an unfavorable biography of Obama.
Rather than recap, Pharmer points you directly to her article, because it is packed with corroborating links and images.

Multiple mistakes about Obama and the Born Alive Act in new book, "The Amateur" | Jill Stanek.

The old media continues to work overtime to suppress Obama’s extreme pro abortion stance, which is to the left of most abortionists. It’s the responsibility of the new media to keep bringing this topic up, so that all are made aware of it.

Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms?


courtesy of Live Action Films.

Senior Vice President for Policy, Karen Handel has resigned from the Komen Foundation. She has been credited with initiating the Komen decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Handel says she supported the decision but that the idea was initiated before she was hired into her position, in April 2011.

Jill Stanek notes that Karen Handel has declined a severance package from Komen. What this means is that her departure is probably about as good for Komen as the departure of Abby Johnson was for planned unparenthood. Know what I mean?? 😉

Head over to Jill’s place to see what happened when ATT disconnected planned unparenthood.

Inside story on Komen split from Planned Parenthood – Jill Stanek

Inside story on Komen split from Planned Parenthood – Jill Stanek.

Click above for a bit of inside scoop on the “divorce” of Susan G Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Jill Stanek predicts that Komen is totally finished with funding  planned parenthood, and one reason is that the latter organization took their “divorce” to the press, as a means of punishment.

Pharmer would be more enthusiastic about Komen foundation if it were really interested in addressing all the means to prevent and cure breast cancer. It seems to have become one of those bloated “non-profit” behemoths which burn a good portion of the funds which could have gone directly towards productive research and interventions.

Some charitable organizations begin a program of self perpetuation, to bring about job security for the employees.

The decision by Komen foundation to ditch planned parenthood likely had more to do with decreasing controversy,  increasing income, and less to do with ethical reasoning.

The Komen statement that it does not fund  embryonic stem cell research is likely fueled by public awareness  that such efforts have  produced no positive medical results. Geron, the former industry leader is also bailing out, and moving more resources to adult stem cell work. The statement put forth by Komen claims that it never funded embryonic stem cell research, though it has had prior association with institutions which were carrying out such research.

Click for Komen financial statements.

More on planned parenthood punishing Komen for defunding them.  PP is using this event as a fundraiser and as a threat to other corporations which stop giving. Imagine what will happen if the girl scouts bail on them!  Moral of the story, don’t get started with planned parenthood.

Siri Apparently Does Not Refer for Abortions

The iPhone 4s smart phone has voice interactivity with “artificial intelligence” nicknamed “Siri”. Jill Stanek reports: It seems that “Siri” can give you directions to any number of businesses nearby, but when asked for directions to the nearest abortion provider, “she” is not able to find one. See the investigation at the Abortioneers blog.

“Siri” is not so amenable to requests for emergency contraception, but does know where the CPCs are.

This phenomenon could possibly be related to the fact that Steve Jobs had felt thankful to his birth-mom for allowing him to be adopted, rather than aborting him.

Pharmer is hoping that “Siri” keeps her “conscience”.

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek.

Found at the backupyourbirthcontrol site was encouragement for males to buy emergency contraception for their sex partners.  There seems to be huge support and encouragement people to have sex with those whom they don’t really like.  Jill Stanek’s weekend question got right to the heart of the matter, and bears repeating.

Plan B One-step (levonorgestrel 150 mcg) is the form which is available over the counter, and which may be purchased by both males and females.
Here is a Blast from the Past from pharmacy academics who favored the availability of the original Plan B  for use in  underage females.  This was the intended result of bringing the drug over the counter.
(If you read the entirety of  THIS article, you can appreciate the utter incompetence of one of the academics referenced in the Blast from the past link.)

It’s  important to remember that these morning after pills are NOT very effective.  The efficacy  is about 60 percent per SINGLE use.   Used repeatedly, the drugs are an absolute joke for preventing pregnancy.  Encouraging reliance upon the morning after pills (Ella included) is really an efficient  way to sell surgical or later forms of chemical abortions.   Encouraging guys to believe that the pill can increase their access to sex is a smart marketing move for the abortionists.  It also places the health and well being of girls and women at risk, since males can give them the drug without their consent.

It is a public service for Jill Stanek to have asked this question about the marketing of morning after pills to males.  This question needs to be repeated whenever and wherever possible, to highlight the rationale behind the morning after pills.

Ella  (ulipristal acetate, analog of RU-486 mifepristone) is available for morning after use by an ONLINE PRESCRIBING process.   It’s easy to obtain fraudulently and doses can be accumulated for later chemical abortions initiated at home.   This mechanism was allowed by the FDA in order to make up for the shortfall of physicians willing to do surgical abortions.

The only positive aspect of this scenario is that it is ultimately self-limiting.  Enhanced by the immunosuppressive qualities of the progestins, Chlamydia trachomatis and other STD organisms can help to prevent further propagation of people with this socially destructive mindset.