Celestial Discharge: Andrew Breitbart

Conservatives grieve the loss of another happy warrior, Andrew Breitbart, who fearlessly defended his profession, truth in journalism, and his beliefs publicly. Pharmer expresses gratitude to Breitbart for giving a forum to James O’Keefe, Live Action Films, the Memorial Day Weekend, Springer Scoop on Anthony Wiener, Fraud at the Dept. of Agriculture, the real Occupooper agenda, and so many other stories the old media chose to lose. Pharmer has this to say about Mr. Breitbart going to God so early : Good for him and BAD for US. Prayers for his family, and thanks for sharing him with America. His fearlessness and desire for truth is a model for conservatives to emulate

This one is up on my blog because this H.S. aged Gurl is responding in thoughtful and rational manner to the loss of Andrew Breitbart, whom she admired.

Thoughtful and rational at age 17……… yep she’s a real conservative.

As EXPECTED, Weiner’s NY Congressional District Goes Republican

A retired media executive, Bob Turner beat NY Dem. Assemblyman David Weprin in Anthony Weiner’s  (9th) NY Congressional district.  One might gather that the negative political influence of Obama has become extreme.

Fun facts:  This district comprises parts of Brooklyn and Queens.  The population is 40% Jewish with Dems spinning the results with the fact that many are Orthodox (actually religious Jews).  Obama has a 37 percent approval in this district.  Turner is Catholic.  Weprin is Jewish.  Some say that his vote in favor of gay marriage in the NY state assembly did not help his chances.  This congressional district has not been in Republican hands since the 1020’s.   The current administration’s  lack of support for Israel  likely was a heavy influence causing the huge shift in voter sentiments.

A beer summit isn’t going to fix this problem for Obama.



Congressman Radioactive Wiener – Could be Good for America if He Stays

You knew it would happen……. further public humiliation of Anthony Weiner.   Shock jocks grabbed pic that Breitbart had refused to publish, and released a low quality pic of the pic to Gawker which loves to show us everything.

Weiner’s malformed ego would not let him do the right thing and fade into oblivion.   He had to hang on, put his family and associates through misery, and show us the quintessential Leftist. With elections coming, even the dems are wishing he’d go away, but are too  wussified  to say it out loud.  (Plus,  they all have their own odd private lives in mind.)

It’s nasty, Jerry Springer stuff, but probably good for the public  to have a peek at the model,  sexual  agenda of the left.   It’s just like all of their other agendas……….. NON PRODUCTIVE!.  A whole lot of time is devoted to the pursuit, but it elicits NO results!   This is just like their idea of health care, their war on poverty, their foriegn policy, their energy policy. etc..

When you think of what the leftists will do for us while they’re in power… just think of Anthony’s non productive cybersex, and how much time he devoted to it.

Joe Kovacs: Protect Kids on the Internet from Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner – New York’s 9th District.

Joe Kovacs over at WND found this great page,  linked above, spouting Congressman Anthony Weiner’s passion for protecting kids on the internet from the likes of …… HIMSELF!!

Mind you,  Weiner was wandering the social media,  sexting with ‘females’  whose age was a mystery to him.  You know how kids lie about their age  to get  a facebook page.   The congressman has admitted to having no certainty about the age of his sexting partners.

Pharmer wonders  if Weiner has contemplated the possibility  that those with whom he has been sexting may not all be female.