Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms?


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Senior Vice President for Policy, Karen Handel has resigned from the Komen Foundation. She has been credited with initiating the Komen decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Handel says she supported the decision but that the idea was initiated before she was hired into her position, in April 2011.

Jill Stanek notes that Karen Handel has declined a severance package from Komen. What this means is that her departure is probably about as good for Komen as the departure of Abby Johnson was for planned unparenthood. Know what I mean?? ūüėČ

Head over to Jill’s place to see what happened when ATT disconnected planned unparenthood.

BOGUS Scientists Say Catholic Nuns Should Take Birth Control |

Scientists Say Catholic Nuns Should Take Birth Control |

Your friendly pharmer got¬† a call from EWTN today regarding This¬† ‘Nonscience’,¬† by Kara Britt and Roger Short.

The quality of this Lancet article is comparable to the those  in the Journal of Irreproducible Results, a hilarious research PARODY journal, which entertains science nerds such as this one.  One does not expect parody or satire in the Lancet.  But, yes it sometimes contains garbage.

First of all, the increased incidence of breast cancer was highlighted uppermost in the illustrations of the article  in question, though the pill does not protect against this disease.

Second of all, according to the authors themselves, the nuns show less than or equal risk of ovarian and uterine cancer than the general population  until AFTER age 70.

Third, the lower doses hormone replacement therapy, which used to be given to reduce the risk of such disorders has been largely discontinued, except for short term use for menopausal symptoms, because it was not efficacious as a preventative.

Fourth,  the birth control pills are associated with thromboembolism and stroke to a much higher degree than the pharmaceutical regulatory bodies are apparently  aware, because such associations so often go unreported.

Pharmer  could go on past  number ninety nine  until the readers  are bored to tears.
There is extremely poor analysis of risk vs benefit in this article, and this has generated¬† one more¬† insane recommendation of preventative “medicine”.

 The detrimental advice in the Lancet  leads to a burning question:
Did these two authors get whacked with a ruler by nuns in grade school?

Alternatives to Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also the month for awareness that Susan G Komen Foundation gives grants to Planned Parenthood, an organization which has no mammography equipment, but purports to do breast cancer screenings.

Here are some alternatives to the Susan Komen Foundation, if you feel moved to donate money for breast cancer research, but would like to avoid funding the nations largest abortion provider. 

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Breast Cancer Society


A Reason to Stop Contributing to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms |

The Susan G. Komen foundation has been contributing to Planned Parenthood for years, and referring people to that organization for mammograms.   Planned Parenthood has no mammography equipment at its clinics, and refers its patients elsewhere for that cancer screening procedure.

Komen has no plans to defund planned parenthood, nor stop referrring to that organization for nonexistenet mammograms

Click the story above for details.

Two Organizations Creating a Need for Themselves

Some activist organizations  (including PFLI) steadfastly remain as all-volunteer entities.  This eliminates the temptation to ensure survival by creating or exacerbating the  problem which the organization addresses.

On the other hand,  the Komen Foundation appears to have joined planned parenthood in  self arranging a plan for continuation into  perpetuity.

Planned parenthood encourages and feeds irresponsible sex behaviors, in order to create the need for its birth control services, including abortion.   Both the pill and abortion continue to show a link to increased breast cancer.

Komen Foundation funds planned parenthood organizations, and is increasing this connection.  Abortion and birth control pill use are both linked with breast cancer.  So it seems that Komen Foundation is developing a similar self perpetuating  strategy as it develops into  one of the most fashionable charitable causes.

A board member of Komen Foundation,( and the son of its founder) also maintains a joint business interest with planned parenthood of the great northwest.

Read details, brought to you by Jill Stanek, below, in the following two articles, both very much worth your  attention.

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