Two Organizations Creating a Need for Themselves

Some activist organizations  (including PFLI) steadfastly remain as all-volunteer entities.  This eliminates the temptation to ensure survival by creating or exacerbating the  problem which the organization addresses.

On the other hand,  the Komen Foundation appears to have joined planned parenthood in  self arranging a plan for continuation into  perpetuity.

Planned parenthood encourages and feeds irresponsible sex behaviors, in order to create the need for its birth control services, including abortion.   Both the pill and abortion continue to show a link to increased breast cancer.

Komen Foundation funds planned parenthood organizations, and is increasing this connection.  Abortion and birth control pill use are both linked with breast cancer.  So it seems that Komen Foundation is developing a similar self perpetuating  strategy as it develops into  one of the most fashionable charitable causes.

A board member of Komen Foundation,( and the son of its founder) also maintains a joint business interest with planned parenthood of the great northwest.

Read details, brought to you by Jill Stanek, below, in the following two articles, both very much worth your  attention.

Planned Parenthood Deepens Link with Breast Cancer Foundation

The consequences of admitting ABC link.

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