Life News: Obama Continues War on Women

Obama waged another battle in his war on women during the October 16 Town Hall debate against Romney.

“There are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings,”  Obama lied.

He said the same thing in an interview with Glamour magazine.  The problem is that no Planned Parenthood facilities do mammograms.  Life News has assembled links to some of the evidence and admissions from Planned Parenthood that they do NOT  have mammography equipment  at any one of their facilities, and are not  certified for such procedures.  Komen Foundation had sought to cancel grants to Planned Parenthood, on this basis, but backed down due to a media assault from the abortion giant.

The tax payer  funded, non-profit Planned Parenthood has allocated six million dollars for  ads to reelect Obama and the democrats.  There’s another  half million dollar ad dump in Ohio and Virginia, and another quarter million going for ads in Colorado, newly announced by America’s largest  abortion provider.

In answer to a question on jobs for women, Obama reiterated his plan to force employers to cover birth control, abortion and sterilization, otherwise known as the HHS mandate.  To help women in their jobs, Romney suggested flexible hours and a shot in the arm for employers and the economy, to allow opportunity for unemployed women.   Obama spoke of his  mandate  to  force employers to provide for  preventing or aborting  pregnancies.

Obama Loves Planned Parenthood

Some people arrange flowers, and Pharmer arranges videos.

Obama forgets that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.

Mammograms are not a money maker, and Planned Parenthood does not offer them.

Planned Parenthood is caught accepting a donation specifically to abort a Black baby.

Live Action Classic films show  Planned parenthood aiding and abetting sex slavery:  Click HERE for the VIDEO SERIES that the launched state and federal investigations, which caused Komen Foundation’s attempt  to withdraw funding.  Unfortunately Komen was not able to shake free of its abuser, and is suffering as a result.   There will be repeated media reminders to Komen that they must stay with their abusive “spouse”.

Susan G. Komen Foundation Defunds Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Halts Partnership With Planned Parenthood |

Over 680,000 dollars last year flowed from Susan G Komen foundation to various planned parenthood affiliates. The funding will be stopped until the congressional investigation of planned parenthood obtains a result exonerating that organization of the charges of concealing sex abuse of minors.

The actual underlying decision by Komen probably has more to do with loss of contributions because of their longstanding tie with planned parenthood. It has become more publicly known that planned parenthood uses only the “TSA method” of breast cancer screening, not mammography or MRI.

The most in the fewest words from Smokey Bojangles, commenting at The Blaze: “Save the Ta Tas and kill the babies that feed off of them???”

Two Organizations Creating a Need for Themselves

Some activist organizations  (including PFLI) steadfastly remain as all-volunteer entities.  This eliminates the temptation to ensure survival by creating or exacerbating the  problem which the organization addresses.

On the other hand,  the Komen Foundation appears to have joined planned parenthood in  self arranging a plan for continuation into  perpetuity.

Planned parenthood encourages and feeds irresponsible sex behaviors, in order to create the need for its birth control services, including abortion.   Both the pill and abortion continue to show a link to increased breast cancer.

Komen Foundation funds planned parenthood organizations, and is increasing this connection.  Abortion and birth control pill use are both linked with breast cancer.  So it seems that Komen Foundation is developing a similar self perpetuating  strategy as it develops into  one of the most fashionable charitable causes.

A board member of Komen Foundation,( and the son of its founder) also maintains a joint business interest with planned parenthood of the great northwest.

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