Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

thereby INCREASING his reputation and credibility.   Please excuse the dollop of cynicism and read up!
Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine.

Though the Lancet published research by Dr Andrew Wakeman, after peer review, the journal “takes it all back”. What does that say about the value of  other medical research which is published in that journal?   To which one would you give credence?  Lancet or Wakeman or neither.   Bubbling up now is a temporal link between the use of  embryonic stem cells to make vaccines and the increased incidence in autism.    Pharmer  fully agrees that using killed humans for medical purposes is bad karma (a little Hindu lingo there), but sees no mechanistic explanation for linkage of these two elements  thus far.   Please also note  autism’s medical-pop status as the diagnosis du jour (french lingo for overdiagnosis). Enthusiasm for vaccines will continue to plummet as the use of them is increasingly coerced by government, and  public trust in  the increasingly intertwined, Unethical  government-medical establishment  continues to erode.

Pondering the reasons for the deep cynicism …brings to mind another scientific field, and the global warming “research”. Is the peer review process working at all anymore?  Read the FOI files and emails from East Anglia University  yourself. The establishment continues to stand behind this hoax.

Nature, another journal which “took it all back” flagellates itself online for the embryonic stem cell fraud of Hwang Woo Suk.

Don’t forget the increasingly bogus Komen Foundation creating a need for itself.     Now  the natural medicine folks are after Komen for greasing up to fight breast cancer.   Pharmer wonders where many of the naturopaths  have been regarding the  birth control and abortion links to breast cancer … asleep at the switch until  Komen and KFC joined forces to sell greasy  fried food, which we all know is an unhealthy delight.

Public distrust  of  medicine and science is well fed.    Got any suggestions for repairing this problem?

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