CNN Newcaster Gaffe of the Month — Does Global Warming Affect Meteor Path?

This is NOT a parody…… found at Newsbusters CNN anchor Deb Feyerick really asked if global warming had an influence on the meteor passing nearby to Earth on Feb 15th.

One of the priceless gems:   “Talk about something else that’s falling from the sky and that is an asteroid. What’s coming our way? Is this an effect of, perhaps, of global warming or is this just some meteoric occasion?


Obama’s EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, Resigns

Obama’s EPA Administrator Resigns |

Could Lisa Jackson’s resignation from her post as head of Obama’s EPA have anything to do with the investigation concerning her use of a personal email address to conduct official business?

Rep. Fred Upton of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has stated that Jackson would need her own reserved parking because he planned to invite her frequently for questioning by Congress.

Other controversies affecting her tenure at the EPA were her stance on the Keystone pipeline, her  regulations designed to kill the coal industry, and her support of the Global Warming Hoax.


Mediaite Tommy Christopher Echoes Worry- His Guy, Rubio, Will Be Palinized

Matt Lewis Says ‘They’ Are Trying To ‘Palinize’ Sen. Marco Rubio | Mediaite.

Tommy Christopher is afraid that the republican hope for 2016, Marco Rubio, will be savaged by the media if he doesn’t know which magic meme of the day to recite when questioned about matters of faith and science.  This is politics in the era of Obamigula.  Of special concern is a GQ interview asking Rubio how old he thinks the Earth is.  Rubio gave a decent answer, mentioning that the age of the earth is in dispute, and that  it has nothing to do with the current economic  problems of the U.S. That’s not magic enough for Christopher.

Journalosts who have zero training or understanding of the scientific method, seem endlessly to bloviate and “redund-iate” on matters of science, thereby lowering the IQ of their readers.
Normal people, to Christopher (not his real name) are those who think that they know how old the earth is by reading a single one of the theories about its age.
A person who has a real training in science would know that the age of the earth is not definitively determined from available evidence, with this being apart from the religious body of creation allegories, parables or metaphors. However, to be “normal” in Christopher’s mind is to accept one possible theory of the earth’s age and declare it to be “fact”.
We have endless other “normal” people, whose intelligence has been attenuated by reading journalostic output, who are ready to gut the world economies, due to a belief in anthropogenic global warming (now called climate change). Fraud after fraud has been perpetrated by global -warming-climatologists, yet the faith of the “normal” remains unshaken.
The idea that stress of violence is not conducive to fertility has been morphed into a mechanism of “sperm killing magic” by the medically illiterate journalost, linked above, and then falsely attributed to Todd Akin. Other journolosts, not criticized above, have actually promulgated the idea that rape is a process which increases fertility, from rape claim data acquired in countries where premarital sex is still bears considerable social stigma. Other  U.S. studies have been  cited, which were carried out  after 1993, when a rape claim would bring medicaid funding for abortion. Such a situation of conditionally funded abortion  has made Illinois rather famous for rape.  (Christopher’s “Normal” people wouldn’t understand the problem with such study designs.)
Christopher joins the chorus of the ignorant, still ripping on Sarah Palin, and earns the undying disrespect of yours truly, who fully understands why Palin might not  want to read their output. She was exposed to training in their methodology of crap-sausage production.
Hurt journalostic feelings is likely the reason why the chorus still has their knives out for Palin.

Santorum Thinks Obama’s Theology is Bogus

How does Obama, who so fiercely defended the practice of infanticide in Illinois, get a pass for reading from his teleprompters about the practice of communicating with God, and the phony theology of others.

The media is all over Santorum for saying something about Obama’s false religion of ‘climate change’ not being Bible based.

Could it be SAaaaTAAAAAAAAN!???
Pharmer imagines many media figures with heads spinning 360 degrees, as they express pretended shock over Santorum speaking of the time honored concept of personified evil.

Al Gore Cult of Climate Change, recommends fertility management

Here is a bit of gibberish from Al Gore, recommending that women have fewer kids to combat climate change.. in a nation which is falling below replacement rate.

Would someone remind Al Gore of the terrible toll that divorce takes on the environment, as the natural resources used by each family increase by half, due to divided dwellings and schedules.
Of particular concern is Al Gore’s own GINORMOUS DIVORCE.

Worthless “News” @ Vancouver Sun

Could the Net be killing the planet one web search at a time?.

The article linked above starts with the unwarranted  presumption that mankind causes global warming.

It proceeds with hand wringing over a claim that the internet now consumes 3 percent of the world’s electricity and it could be killing the planet.

The obvious:   The internet has so streamlined commerce, shipping and communications  that this has easily made up for all the electricity consumed by internet users and servers.

Maybe it would be a good idea for  Greenpeace to put themselves to productive use by attending to environmental hazard caused by the battery production and disposal.

By the way….. Check out this Climate Change Religious Radical who wants to have all of us  TATTOOED, for not believing the fake  data pumped out by the frauds at East Anglia.   Someone needs to show him Al Gore’s 9 million dollar property overlooking the Pacific.


The nation to which the U.S. has outsourced much of its math and programming has fled the UN Climate Change Cabal,  with the intent to set up its own institute to study the issue.    Yes,   the people of India have wisely concluded that the IPCC is unreliable, and  reevaluation of the data and conclusions is needed.

Ninad D Sheth conveys the doubts about the warming trend,  the shrinking Himalayan glaciers, the sinking of Bangledesh,  and politically motivated lies in general.   Enjoy the read here, and take note of a new permanent  link on the side bar where you can keep abreast on all of the latest climate change scandals, news  at the Climate Depot.

Bill Nye : the guy abandons science

Bill Nye “the science guy” stated that those who question the idea of  anthropogenic climate change are unpatriotic, during an interview with Rachel Maddow.

Without mentioning the scandals of falsified data coming from East Anglia University, and use of unsubstantiated, and bogus sources which have caused notoriety for the IPCC,  Nye stated that the latter groups  report must be believed since it won a scientific prize from the Nobel committee.

Ummmmm, that was a peace prize shared between Algore and the IPCC in 2007, not a prize in science.   Not kidding…  a PEACE prize for bogus science.

There is only one recommendation regarding Bill Nye………… turn off your television.   If he hallucinates this badly regarding global warming / climate change, he cant be trusted to convey scientific ideas and information accurately.   He appears not to understand the scientific method nor the spirit of inquiry which fuels it.

Glacial melting panic- Garbage in, Garbage Out

A report on Glacial Melting put out by the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been exposed as erroneous, and badly done.
It appears that the area of glaciation in the Himalayas has been greatly exaggerated in the report, and that massive melting of non-existent glacier bulk has been predicted by 2035.

Most interesting is the silence of people who immediately recognized the discrepancies in the report, which have only recently been brought to light.

The erroneous predictions of the report are said to originate with a 1999 interview of Syed Hasnain, who currently credits the reporter for supplying the date by which said glacial mass reduction was predicted to occur. Professor Hasnain claimed to have noticed the errors in the IPCC report in 2008 but declined to correct them.
This quote from Hasnain, excusing his failure to question the errors, illustrates the incredible damage done by suppressing dissent and debate in science:
“I was keeping quiet as I was working here,” he said. “My job is not to point out mistakes. And you know the might of the IPCC. What about all the other glaciologists around the world who did not speak out?”
One by one, the claims of the global warming cult are found to be unsubstantiated by data, after much energy has been wasted planning the economic ruin of developed countries, in order to counteract a non-existent problem.