Bill Nye : the guy abandons science

Bill Nye “the science guy” stated that those who question the idea of  anthropogenic climate change are unpatriotic, during an interview with Rachel Maddow.

Without mentioning the scandals of falsified data coming from East Anglia University, and use of unsubstantiated, and bogus sources which have caused notoriety for the IPCC,  Nye stated that the latter groups  report must be believed since it won a scientific prize from the Nobel committee.

Ummmmm, that was a peace prize shared between Algore and the IPCC in 2007, not a prize in science.   Not kidding…  a PEACE prize for bogus science.

There is only one recommendation regarding Bill Nye………… turn off your television.   If he hallucinates this badly regarding global warming / climate change, he cant be trusted to convey scientific ideas and information accurately.   He appears not to understand the scientific method nor the spirit of inquiry which fuels it.