Union Protest for our Highest Paid Teachers.

RebelPundit & EAGnews.org Interview Chicago Teachers Union Members on Veteran’s Day | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Chicago can’t really afford to pay the highest teacher salaries in the U.S., and so there are rumors of school closings. This brought out protesters on Veterans Day. None of the people shown in this gathering for the Chicago teachers union would admit to being teachers to interviewer Jeremy Segal of Rebel Pundit. Note: EAG stands for Education Action Group, a reform group based in Michigan.
The film highlights various protesters who are known socialist and communist activists.

Eric Holder’s New Black Panthers Wagging the Race War for Obama

Listen to Black Panther’s Tampa chief of staff Michelle Williams express her feelings of love for White people. Remember, this is the group that Eric Holder refused to prosecute for voter intimidation during the elections of 2008.

After the above video was disseminated widely, Williams was inspired to apologize for her remarks.

Incidentally, the State Prosecutor of Florida will be pressing charges against George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s legal team, which is likely fearful of the Black Panther Bounty Hunters has announced publicly that they are abandoning their client. For their unethical manner of announcing DETAILS of this to the media, Pharmer believes that these lawyers, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig are unfit for further legal service.