Indiana: Just Say NO to Justice Steven David

According to the Indiana Constitution, Supreme Court  Justice Steven David is up for reappointment  by the People on Nov 6th.

JUST SAY NO to Justice Steven David.

Remember his decision to remove citizen’s right to resist unlawful entry of law enforcement officers into our homes.

Here’s the background you need to evaluate Pharmer’s advice. Click those links!

Indiana Judicial Elections, 2012  Note that Justice Robert Rucker, who dissented against the decision written by Justice Steven David, is also up for reappointment.  With respect to this particular constitutional issue, Rucker survives the flush test.

Mitch Daniels Appointee, Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David rules contrary to 4th Amendment

The Indiana legislative bodies and Governor Mitch Daniels (who appointed Justice David) passed another law to negate that horrible Supreme Court decision.

Effort to Undo the Indiana Supreme Court Decision Overturning 4th Amendment Rights


Phun!! Hillary and Joe Biden Trade Places

Grammatico of Breitbart has a  waking nightmare of Biden and Hillary swapping jobs.

Detailed in this bit of “news” is the confirmation process ushering Biden to his new position as Secretary of State……. as if that mattered.

We have found that the Obaminator can make recess appointments EVEN WHEN CONGRESS IS NOT IN RECESS!!!!!!!    Apparently the Senators  are  so afraid of being dumped off of a bridge with cement shoes, that they dare not object to this abrogation of the Constitution.

Senate confirmation processes have very recently become superfluous.  However the fantasy appearance of Joe Biden before  Senator Kerry and  the Foreign Relations Committee is hilarious fun.  If you need a laugh, click HERE.

Newt Gingrich Sticks With His Prior Health Insurance Mandate

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare –

It’s one thing that Gingrich and the Dems seem to  have in common: the idea that people  should be forced to purchase health care insurance.

Some people can afford to be ‘self insured’, and some would agree to take the risk and accept that no one cover them if they have a turn of bad luck.   Others are covered in private, voluntary groups in which people agree to pay for each others illnesses.

What in the U.S. Constitution allows the federal government to force us to purchase something?   Maybe Newt  (the washed up one) can tell us where to find this.


US government Seizes Bit Torrent search engine Domain and Others

U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More | TorrentFreak.

This current  move is more about piracy, but is also to show  us how the government can censor, and quell dissent a bit.

Unfortunately the government has also seized domains which aren’t actually doing any piracy.  This kind of incompetence is par for the course.

The best part of the above linked articles is down in the comments, where you will learn to hold onto IP address of the sites you like the most and continue to use them after the govt has grabbed the domain name, and the various ways this can be done.  Also there are  alternative domain name servers and other web mechanisms such as Netsukuku, Osiris Serverless Portal, Tor hidden services.

Pharmer is no expert, but remains convinced that this mode of communication will not be easy for governments  to control.

O’Donnell: Where is it in the Constitution?

Just do a Search, and find out that Google is not much help on factual news.

Christine O’Donnell debated Chris Coons in Delaware today, and her question about separation of church and state has been mocked by everyone who hasn’t read the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.

There is nothing about Separation of church and state in the constitution. The premise of her question is absolutely correct. Go look for yourself.
There is a prohibition against establishing a state church, or a theocracy. And there is protection of freedom of religion. But there is no separation. One does not separate the religion of a person from his activities, since the religion governs the activities.

The lefties are hell-bent to strip us of our free expression of religion, and the little students have been dutifully indoctrinated by their instructors. Widener University Law Students exposed their utter ignorance of the Constitution and the First Amendment, by their laughing response to O’Donnell’s question.

Read the First Amendment for yourself:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

No separation in there.

That idea came from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote, Danbury Baptist Association in 1802 and which the lefties have interpreted for the purpose of expunging the free expression of religion. Interestingly, the letter was an assurance that the churches would continue to be protected from encroachment by the government.

Regarding the presentation of Creationism in the public schools: nothing is wrong with presenting that as a theory concerning how we came to be. Evolution is a theory. Intelligent design is also a theory. Pharmer posits them as equivalent theories, because no one has observed either event occurring, and both are studied and pondered as possibilities by both scientists and theologians. Creationism is a subset idea under the Intelligent design concept, which comes from a rather literal interpretation of the Judeo-Christian religious texts. It does not violate the Constitution to present the various theories of how humans came to be. It is, however a violation of the Constitution to give only one theory as educational dogma, as is done by presenting only Evolution (a theory first brought forth by Charles Darwin, who also acknowledged the Creator in his book).

Those of us read Darwin’s book and who are functional in the field of science, understand that a Theory is not Dogma, and is not to be taught as such, or it will not be questioned, refined and improved.

O’Donnell’s religion is Catholicism. It does not propound a literal interpretation of the Biblical Creation Story as dogma. It does, however teach that there is the Creator who made the universe(s) and designed humans in His own image.

Pharmer, a functional scientist who does not fear freedom of religion, recommends this for a holistic public education curriculum:
The Evolution theory should be presented along with the Creation theories of many different cultures. Let’s have some diversity.

It’s very sad that the students at Widener University, and almost all of the mainstream media in the United States are so completely uneducated about our Constitution.

Pharmer of Indiana is donating to the Delaware campaign of O’Donnell, to honor the spirit of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, as soon as they give a mechanism without requiring employer info. Found one!  Sent $ for both O’Donnell and  Angle.

There is a Dire need for the TEA Party and it must continue.