US government Seizes Bit Torrent search engine Domain and Others

U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More | TorrentFreak.

This current  move is more about piracy, but is also to show  us how the government can censor, and quell dissent a bit.

Unfortunately the government has also seized domains which aren’t actually doing any piracy.  This kind of incompetence is par for the course.

The best part of the above linked articles is down in the comments, where you will learn to hold onto IP address of the sites you like the most and continue to use them after the govt has grabbed the domain name, and the various ways this can be done.  Also there are  alternative domain name servers and other web mechanisms such as Netsukuku, Osiris Serverless Portal, Tor hidden services.

Pharmer is no expert, but remains convinced that this mode of communication will not be easy for governments  to control.