For the Guys who Don’t Use Deoderant: Axiron

Australian Firm To Sell World’s First Armpit Testosterone Lotion In US.

Acrux, a Melbourne, Australia drug company is bringing Axiron, a new topical testosterone product to market in the U.S., to treat male hypgonadism (testosterone insufficiency).

Axiron is designed to be rubbed into the armpits, where absorption is believed to be most efficient, barring hair and other obstructions, such as deoderant ;-).

This product will compete with Androgel and Testim, which already occupy niches the U.S. prescription market.  The backs of the shoulders or upper arms are the preferred sites of application for these products.  Directions specify areas which are covered by a short sleeve shirt.

Acrux is not yet marketing this product in Australia, but claims their new testosterone  lotion dries faster and is less tacky and sticky.