All You Need to Know About the World’s Biggest Tick: George Soros

MRC Special Report on George Soros: Godfather of the Left |

world's biggest tick
George Soros with a mouthful

The Media Research Center had prepared a report on the Godfather of the left,  George Soros.

Pharmer calls Soros “the World’s Biggest Tick“, since he engineers his profits  from the decline of nations.   In turn,  he feeds a large portion to the LEFTIES, who further the devolution and destruction of civilizations.

Like other Parasites,  George Soros eventually kills his hosts and moves on. 

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Summary of the Soros Report


The Latest Story of Planned Parenthood Decline

is at STOPP International.   They have analysed planned parenthood’s 2010 annual report and it tells a tale of reduced services, increased proportion of abortion, lower sales, lower profit, lower adoptions, and lower total number of clinics in operation.

Planned Parenthood has suffered huge losses in private donations, which the Obama administration has had to cover with your tax dollars.  More than half of the abortion provider’s income is now  coming from YOU and your fellow Americans.

Visit Stopp International and view the reports.