Mary Elizabeth Adams: Standing UP for DE-volution

So what if abortion ends life? –

Salon writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams, tells us that she’s tired of pro-choicers looking stupid while defending abortion.  Most of the abortion defenders have developed some odd theories (even stranger than global warming) to explain why it’s OK to kill humans prior to birth, ‘ranging from it’s not alive‘ to’ it’s not a person‘.

Williams doesn’t want membership in the non-science crowd.  She freely admits that abortion involves killing a human.   She asserts that we make decisions about killing humans all the time, and therefore a human  fetus is also worth killing for various reasons.

The point that Williams is missing??  Peace and civilization begin at home.  If we won’t stand up for the lives of our very own people,  we certainly won’t grow outward to value and protect the lives of ‘strangers’.

For Williams,  life is just a commodity, and there might be good enough reasons to kill anyone.

Do you want this short fused woman to be living in the house next door?

Are you emotionally and spiritually  “prepped” for the DE-volution of civilization that the leftists are bringing to us?

All You Need to Know About the World’s Biggest Tick: George Soros

MRC Special Report on George Soros: Godfather of the Left |

world's biggest tick
George Soros with a mouthful

The Media Research Center had prepared a report on the Godfather of the left,  George Soros.

Pharmer calls Soros “the World’s Biggest Tick“, since he engineers his profits  from the decline of nations.   In turn,  he feeds a large portion to the LEFTIES, who further the devolution and destruction of civilizations.

Like other Parasites,  George Soros eventually kills his hosts and moves on. 

Read up at The MRC website !

Summary of the Soros Report


Homily for October 2, 2011: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time | The Deacon’s Bench

Homily for October 2, 2011: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time | The Deacon’s Bench.

The pharmer’s Uncle found the Oct 2 homily from Deacon Greg Kandra,  and forwarded it.  It’s good input for pro-life month.

Deacon Greg Kandra tells us to thank Steve Jobs’ MAMA ,  who chose life for her unplanned kid and put him up for adoption.   She’s responsible for allowing us to have all those goodies from the Apple Corporation.

That sermon  provided impetus for another pounding on Pharmer’s favorite nail:

It highlighted one  reason, among many, to avoid usurping the life and death business from the ‘CEO of the universes’.

This pharmer is obsessed with another reason: that the advancement of humanity is fueled by the need to address human suffering and need.  

The short sighted get the idea that human suffering should be addressed by removing those who suffer or have special health needs.

Besides the immediate wrong of killing them, comes the Devolution of civilization.  Our impetus to create and invent to address human suffering and need is squashed, because those people are gone.

Some people have an indirect life mission to increase the humanity of everyone.  They are as valuable as Steve Jobs.

While you’re wandering Deacon Kandra’s blog, he has another cool sermon for this weekend, Oct 9.