A Primer on the Electoral College, and Other Mechanisms of Recovery from Leftism

This Is Background on the Electoral College | Presidential Election | TheBlaze.com. <---review constitutional mechanism for electing the president. Even though the Media called the election for Obama (while Romney still held the popular vote), the final decision hasn't been made. We still have to finish the vote counting, and THEN there's the final step of counting the electoral college votes in January. These are not always predetermined by the state results, though they usually are. Some people whine about the electoral college, but it's actually a pretty good design to avoid pure democracy. Pure democracy is the means by which you can have 49% of the population enslaved to support 51% non-working dependents. The U.S. is pretty close to that right now, though the electoral college remains the most significant tool for preventing the actual tipping over. Even if the electoral college goes Obama’s way, we’re still better off with it, because it still remains as the means to reverse the current trend.

Obamacare, itself, will also assist to reverse the trend of increasing parasitism and dependency on government handouts. Even with the exercise of favoritism, this method of health care is going to trend towards taking the lives of leftists first, simply because they tend to lead more risky lifestyles.

The overall availability of competent health care is going to fall precipitously. This, along with the worsening drug shortages, will select for those who lead more sedate and conservative lifestyles. Overall there will be a selective reduction of leftists.

Planned Parenthood
is also assisting with the removal of social leftists. Operation Rescue has documented 16 botched abortions at those facilities in the last 22 months. Their most recent case was due to an abortion attempt on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy. This kind of thing results from the objection to using sonography to determine the condition of the embryo or fetus prior to the procedure. Understand that this data on botched abortions is collected by a single group which documents random incidents occurring while pro-life witnesses are present. It represents the tip of the iceberg.

The American people need to experience some real pain before they turn themselves around.

the Tea Party needs to supplant the useless and leftist RNC which very purposefully lost the chance to take control of the U.S. Senate. Keep working!

FDA is Too Busy Going After Small Farmers to Effectively Deal With Drug Shortages.


That Dangerous Daniel Allgyer guy, Amish, capitalist seller of unpasteurized milk must be STOPPED, and his farm shut down!
That kind of regulatory activity is top priority.

Meanwhile, there are shortages of vital medications like never before.
Afflicted health care institutions must promulgate politically correct excuses for these shortages, but we know that the role of government in exacerbating this situation has been predominant.

The U.S. has some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Big Pharma has many incentives, from this, to the OSHA and environmental regulations, to push its production to other countries.
Inside the U.S., if a company wishes to change the site for manufacturing a product, a two year approval process awaits. This means that adapting to drug recalls and shortages is painfully slow. There are tight constraints on production quantities and schedules imposed by the FDA.
A gray market has grown around the shortages. If you know how ticket scalping works……. there are analogous drug scalpers. Since reimbursement for drugs is fixed by medicare and medicaid and other health insurers, health care institutions and providers really can’t afford the gray market prices. There is a need to allocate a team of specialists to manage adaptation to the shortages and a website for clinicians to keep current on the day to day changes and substitutions. The administrators at Pharmer’s workplace have resolved to continue to deal with the shortages without resorting to purchases from the gray market.
Who are the biggest losers? The patients!

The long term result will be to reduce the load on medicare and medicaid, and the government needs that cost containment, especially since the designers of Obamacare have admitted that their cost projections were totally wrong.

So the FDA has more incentive to attend to those dastardly small farmers, than they have to deal with the GINORMOUS drug shortage problem.

Is it because Meridia is associated with deaths of Men?

FDA mulls pulling diet pill linked to heart attack.

A study found that 11 percent of the diet pill,  Meridia,  users experienced heart attack or stroke compared with 10 percent of those using placebo.

So the FDA wants to yank it.

However…….. the pill, which is well known for association with these events, as well as with  diabetes and certain cancers……. only affects women, with the group showing the most marked  negative effects  being those under 30.  (More links below).   These things are  not of curiosity to the FDA, which has put Plan B over the counter.

The FDA is pulling billions of eggs off the shelves due to a low incidence of salmonella in undercooked products.  Again…… a small percentage of males, who eat undercooked eggs, are suffering severe diarrhea, and drastic action is needed.

We’re STILL waiting for the FDA to take its role in exacerbating drug shortage problems more seriously and do something about it.   Do not hold your breath.   The lawyer feeding frenzy from  the errors, caused by necessary  drug substitutions and in house compounding, would make any government bureaucrat  giddy.

Progestins and arterial disease

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Pharmacodynamic effects of oral contraceptive steroids on biochemical markers for arterial thrombosis