Is it because Meridia is associated with deaths of Men?

FDA mulls pulling diet pill linked to heart attack.

A study found that 11 percent of the diet pill,  Meridia,  users experienced heart attack or stroke compared with 10 percent of those using placebo.

So the FDA wants to yank it.

However…….. the pill, which is well known for association with these events, as well as with  diabetes and certain cancers……. only affects women, with the group showing the most marked  negative effects  being those under 30.  (More links below).   These things are  not of curiosity to the FDA, which has put Plan B over the counter.

The FDA is pulling billions of eggs off the shelves due to a low incidence of salmonella in undercooked products.  Again…… a small percentage of males, who eat undercooked eggs, are suffering severe diarrhea, and drastic action is needed.

We’re STILL waiting for the FDA to take its role in exacerbating drug shortage problems more seriously and do something about it.   Do not hold your breath.   The lawyer feeding frenzy from  the errors, caused by necessary  drug substitutions and in house compounding, would make any government bureaucrat  giddy.

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