Celestial Discharge: Republican Party Has Announced its Own Demise

The Republican Party  has performed an autopsy on its own dead carcass, and has issued a 100 page report.

This report addresses the reasons for their federal losses in 2012.  The name “autopsy” for their report is completely apt, because the Republican party has assumed room temperature. 

The Republican brand is irreparably damaged by the media, which has kept the elites of that party so  paralyzed with fear, that it morphed into a faint shadow of the Democrat party.   The name “republican” will not occupy a respectful compartment in the memory of any American.  This is a sad thing.  The media could not have destroyed the name so completely, without the help of the republican establishment.

The Tea Party needs to  get busy, because we’re what remains of the conservatives of the United States.   It should not repeat the mistakes of abandoning members for saying a single wrong word, or allowing the media to compartmentalize them, define them or interrupt their message of conservatism and optimism for America.  The Tea Party needs to speak over the media, bypass them, and address all Americans.

Let us recycle the Republican carcass as fertilizer, be the TEA Party, and  work to restore the United States.

Election day: Indiana judicial retention from a pro-life view.

judicial retention | Indiana Right To Life.

The list of Indiana Judges on the ballot for retention is up at the Indiana Right to Life website.

Judge John G Baker – Indiana Circuit Court 5th district: “Ruling in 1982 allowed Baby Doe to be denied a surgical procedure and starved to death in a Bloomington hospital.”

Robert D Rucker,
Indiana Supreme Court: Supported a decision that allowed expansion of medicaid funding for abortion to “medically necessary” cases in Humphreys V Planned Parenthood, 2003.
Upheld the Indiana 18 hour waiting period prior to an abortion in Clinic for Women v Brizzi 2005.
He’s half and half.
( Rucker dissented against Steven David’s crazy anti-4th amendment decision.)

Justice Steven David, Indiana Supreme Court, no abortion related rulings found by Indiana RTL. (But he did rule against 4th amendment protections, which is dangerous to human rights for other reasons).

Judge Nancy H Vaidik, Court of Appeals 5th district, ruled that Indiana cannot require the signature of both parents in order for a minor daughter to have an abortion. (This means that a father or stepfather who is abusing a girl could sign for her abortion).

Judge Paul D Mathias, Court of Appeals, Indiana 3rd district – no abortion related decisions detected by Indiana RTL.

Judge Michael P Barnes Court of Appeals of Indiana 3rd district- no abortion related decisions detected by Indiana RTL

“Sandy” They’re Awfulizing the Big Storm Again!

Remember  the hand wringing prior to “Hurricane” Irene hitting the northeastern seaboard?   Well, they do this every time.  Soon no one will listen to the lamestream weather criers anymore, and perhaps everyone will fail to respond when a real disaster hits. This time, Matt Drudge, who is a disaster junkie, has been saving his red headlines for the stories about federally induced storm panic.

Sandy is one large storm, but as it’s hitting land it doesn’t rate as a hurricane if you pay attention to the wind data coming from the weather stations which feed Wunderground.com.

Pharmer picked two…  One in Robbins’ Reef NJ, because there was news about evacuations in  New York City, and one in little Assateague Island, out there all by itself, east of Maryland.  Pharmer expects the storm to blast that island hardest.

The wind data is in Kilometers per hour  on the weather station flags.  Look at the graphs and you won’t see wind gusts above 50 mph, and sustained winds are much milder.  You know what that means.  It’s just like a summer storm, down on the Pharm, only lasting longer than usual.

It’s a mess, but not worth the big warnings to evacuate.

Why does the media cause more economic destruction than the storm would by itself??

Sandy makes landfall



Little Assateague Island Weather station.  Remember, the 60 is wind gust in KILOMETERS per hour, not MPH

See the wind speed graph of Assategue with MPH scale on the LEFT

left side is mph  it's not a hurricane yet!


Weather Stations around Robbins Reef and NYC

Check the Robbins Reef  Wind speed graph below.

it's not a hurricane yet

Sorry weather criers,  Sandy is not going to give Obama such a big chance to look presidential.  In fact, we might even be able to get back to learning more about why Obama refused help to the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi when it was attacked.

Update:  Pharmer sees the weather stations still tracking after midnight, with the wind not getting worse, and…….. you know the power hasn’t been knocked out yet.

Update:  6am 10/29  Winds at Robbins Reef, NJ are around 30-35mph, and gusts have not yet hit 50mph.   The worst of the storm has blown through Assateague, MD,  but another milder area is overhead.  Winds there are calm and they’re getting a LOT of rain.

Update: 1:18 pm   The storm has shifted direction and is heading north ward.  Winds are picking up at Robbins Reef, with sustained winds in the 40s and with gusts in the 50s MPH.    Unfortunately for Assateague, the storm turned before blowing further westward.  It looks like the weather station is  giving winds ranging from zero to gusts in the 80’s.  As it is registering mostly calm winds, Pharmer thinks it’s down.

Wunderground has stopped displaying weather station data, due to bandwidth shortage as of just before 2 pm.   The winds at Ocean city, MD have appeared to die down to the teens.

So far it looks like – Pharmer is right, the media has kept Sandy awfulized to a hurricane, though it hit as a tropical storm.  But Pharmer is wrong about needing to evacuate.  Flooding is turning out to be cause for evacuations in  coastal areas not prepared for such Wetness.

The politics?  REALLY!  Obama flew to Florida to campaign yesterday, but was flown back to monitor the storm.  What’s on the news?   The Obama campaign is wondering whether the storm can be utilized to  help his reelection effort.  Tacky Tacky Tacky.

Pharmer sez,  use Wunderground and your own  gossip chains, NOT the media,  to decide where to send aid to wet and cold people.

UPDATE midnight 1029 to show Graphs from 10-29

Robbins Reef  NJ on day 2  This place is getting the most wind.


Assateague Island on 10-29, showing when it’s wind monitor broke.


Ocean City inlet, MD  which is  near Assateague, was picked up to display the wind on 10-29.   Be sure to check the amazing change in wind direction which is shown at midday.  This is close to the time that Assateague’s wind monitor wiped out.

Update 10-30-12
Robbin’s Reef, NJ on 10-30

Ocean City, MD on 10-30

Assateague Island’s wind monitor spinner remains busted, but the directional vane is still sending data. 10-30

Sandy is pretty much finished with these three locations, and now they can start mopping up the mess.
Why did the weather stations send continuous data to the internet? No power outage at those locations, near where Sandy made landfall.

NEVERMIND!! Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform

DNC Almighty Nightmare In Charlotte: Now Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform.  The Brody File.

Dems have changed their “minds” regarding their platform once again.  After huge backlash they have reinstated a mention of God to the language, and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Pharmer thinks they foresaw endless pain inflicted by the Republicans, as well as a severe loss of funding coming from the original decision and decided to recant.




University of Virginia Says Obama Visit Is Too Expensive

and disruptive.
University spokesperson, Carol Wood laid out the reasons, some of which were the expense of providing full security, the disruption of the second day of classes, and the fact that they would have to host other candidates in order to follow a policy of providing equal time to all sides.

The Obama campaign is left to find other accomodations in Charlottesville.

UVA Declines Obama Campaign Request – NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather.

Obama Team Lies, Says They Didn’t Know Soptic Cancer Story

Obama Team Lies, Says They Didn’t Know Soptic Cancer Story. < -CLICK! 

Obama campaign has been  caught in lie of the minute: backing away from the dishonest and ridiculous Joe Soptic ad, and denying knowledge of the story.    A slide show at the Obama campaign site shows this GSH steel story, blaming Romney for the death of Soptic’s wife.  This show was put up in May, at the same time the video was created.

Soptic spoke at an Obama campaign conference call, and it’s all at Breitbart.  The Obama campaign was doing the same thing with the Soptic story that its PAC, Priorities USA did.

Friend of Naral Voting with Empty …. Uterus

Found at Jill Stanek’s place:  NARAL: Think with uterus, not brain.

Here’s the tweet:

RT @ Stoleneggs: um… I think I just voted with my uterus. I took my ballot and looked up the names for @NARAL endorsements.

So we have a vote from the uterus, which the owner keeps empty, using  birth control/sterilization/abortion.  Likewise, she’s keeping her brain hollow too.

Click that top link to see what else Jill has to say about whacky Utero-centrism.

Guess who is expected to introduce Obama on the campaign trail, in Denver?  Empty uterus, Sandra Fluke!