Election day: Indiana judicial retention from a pro-life view.

judicial retention | Indiana Right To Life.

The list of Indiana Judges on the ballot for retention is up at the Indiana Right to Life website.

Judge John G Baker – Indiana Circuit Court 5th district: “Ruling in 1982 allowed Baby Doe to be denied a surgical procedure and starved to death in a Bloomington hospital.”

Robert D Rucker,
Indiana Supreme Court: Supported a decision that allowed expansion of medicaid funding for abortion to “medically necessary” cases in Humphreys V Planned Parenthood, 2003.
Upheld the Indiana 18 hour waiting period prior to an abortion in Clinic for Women v Brizzi 2005.
He’s half and half.
( Rucker dissented against Steven David’s crazy anti-4th amendment decision.)

Justice Steven David, Indiana Supreme Court, no abortion related rulings found by Indiana RTL. (But he did rule against 4th amendment protections, which is dangerous to human rights for other reasons).

Judge Nancy H Vaidik, Court of Appeals 5th district, ruled that Indiana cannot require the signature of both parents in order for a minor daughter to have an abortion. (This means that a father or stepfather who is abusing a girl could sign for her abortion).

Judge Paul D Mathias, Court of Appeals, Indiana 3rd district – no abortion related decisions detected by Indiana RTL.

Judge Michael P Barnes Court of Appeals of Indiana 3rd district- no abortion related decisions detected by Indiana RTL