John Stossel: ABC Politics Stopped Him From Doing Acorn Story.

Stossel, now working at FOX, made this admission while interviewing Andrew Breitbart.

Pharmer has the inside track on something that FOX News has not been eager to cover: stories containing the admission that birth control pills can operate by stopping the life of an early human embryo. Fox News reporters would call for interviews dealing with this issue time and time again, take down information, then never call back. At that time, other news networks, newspapers and radio were still permitted to deal with this subject. It was also covered on the O’Reilly Factor elsewhere on the FOX network.

More recently, FOX was able to mention that pharmacists were resisting the Blagojevich order forcing them to dispense all birth control pills in 2005, but we can’t find this year’s Illinois Judicial decision in favor of the pharmacy owners on their network. Maybe it’s buried somewhere deep.

Not to worry, the real news is on the internet now, and the New Media have taken up this story, and many others which the Old Media will not cover.

No Breast Cancer Screening at Walgreens, says Media Matters.

Walgreens disputes the claim that they offer pap smears and breast exams, according to this Media Matters blog.
Some Fox news commentators overestimated the scope of the Take Care Clinics which are affiliated with Walgreens pharmacies, and apparently offer rather limited health care services. Linda Nestler, spokesperson of Take Care Clinics is credited with this information.
Note also that Planned Parenthood, despite earlier statements, has not been offering mammography. Pharmer wonders if they might be wanting to bring in such equipment to counter what pro-lifers have uncovered. This might not happen because mammography is generally not a profit center for health care institutions. Reimbursement for services is not good.

Until further notice, Pharmer supposes that the Take Care Clinics at Walgreens (in contrast to planned parenthood) are not “taking care down there” by means of pap smears. And neither of them offer mammography.

Sixty Minutes exhibits collective Palin Derangement Syndrome

In their segment on the hottest new Politics book, Game Change, CBS 60 Minutes failed to mention the hottest news…….. the racially charged comment made by Harry Reid.
This omission has become a fairly big topic of conversation among those who bother to watch television. Our pals at, who wear rubber gowns and masks while dutifully monitoring the media for us, reveal the Sixty Minutes verdict regarding who has the most influence on American life.

Yes, that’s right. The CBS spokesman told Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn, that the 60 Minutes could not cover the Harry Reid comment in their story on Game Change. They had time only to cover the people who most affect thecountry.

Here is the 60 Minutes scorecard concerning who most affects Americans… based on the time allotted:

Clinton– –1:30
Obama—- 0:58
Reid———– 0

Enough said!