No Breast Cancer Screening at Walgreens, says Media Matters.

Walgreens disputes the claim that they offer pap smears and breast exams, according to this Media Matters blog.
Some Fox news commentators overestimated the scope of the Take Care Clinics which are affiliated with Walgreens pharmacies, and apparently offer rather limited health care services. Linda Nestler, spokesperson of Take Care Clinics is credited with this information.
Note also that Planned Parenthood, despite earlier statements, has not been offering mammography. Pharmer wonders if they might be wanting to bring in such equipment to counter what pro-lifers have uncovered. This might not happen because mammography is generally not a profit center for health care institutions. Reimbursement for services is not good.

Until further notice, Pharmer supposes that the Take Care Clinics at Walgreens (in contrast to planned parenthood) are not “taking care down there” by means of pap smears. And neither of them offer mammography.