Leftists Behind the Curve as Planned Parenthood Abandons “Pro-Choice” to Designate Pro-Abortion

3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By “Choice” Blog Day.

Jill Stanek is coordinating pro-life Bloggers efforts on the third annual “Blog for Choice” day, which is today.  Click above or her MAIN Blog to keep abreast of the days activities.

The abortion supporters  promote the now moribund “Choice” marketing of Abortion,  though planned parenthood has abandoned it.  Casting about for alternate promotional methods, PP has abused the image and holiday of Rev. Martin Luther King, whom his niece, Dr. Althea King, says was pro-life,  for its latest campaign.

Today is your chance to un-promote all of the abortionists. You can enter the discussion online. and utilize the hashtag #tweet4choice if you are on Twitter.   This hashtag might change as the day wears on, so it pays to keep current at Jill’s blog.

As the Abortion proponents use today as a special time  to market their wares,  Pro-lifers can turn the day into a big debate.  Don’t forget to remind people that the 40th anniversary March for Life is happening on the 25th, and that the media will ignore this huge rally,  even though it will be bigger than the crowd at the second inauguration of our abortionist-in-chief.

ObamaCare Uses planned parenthood as its Sex Education Provider

Planned Parenthood will be the organization, charged by the government, to teach sex to kids.

It bothers many people that pharmaceutical manufacturers spend 20 percent of their revenue on advertising to consumers and prescribers.
Why does it not bother them that planned parenthood, the tax funded abortion and birth control purveyor, is used to educate the kids in school, on behaviors that insure need for that organization?
Why also does it bother people that churches give an opinion on a social issue at election time, but it does not bother people that both Kathleen Sebelius, and Cecile Richards-of planned parenthood were out stumping for Obama.

Obamacare Funding Planned Parenthood Sex Education Program.

A Primer on the Electoral College, and Other Mechanisms of Recovery from Leftism

This Is Background on the Electoral College | Presidential Election | TheBlaze.com. <---review constitutional mechanism for electing the president. Even though the Media called the election for Obama (while Romney still held the popular vote), the final decision hasn't been made. We still have to finish the vote counting, and THEN there's the final step of counting the electoral college votes in January. These are not always predetermined by the state results, though they usually are. Some people whine about the electoral college, but it's actually a pretty good design to avoid pure democracy. Pure democracy is the means by which you can have 49% of the population enslaved to support 51% non-working dependents. The U.S. is pretty close to that right now, though the electoral college remains the most significant tool for preventing the actual tipping over. Even if the electoral college goes Obama’s way, we’re still better off with it, because it still remains as the means to reverse the current trend.

Obamacare, itself, will also assist to reverse the trend of increasing parasitism and dependency on government handouts. Even with the exercise of favoritism, this method of health care is going to trend towards taking the lives of leftists first, simply because they tend to lead more risky lifestyles.

The overall availability of competent health care is going to fall precipitously. This, along with the worsening drug shortages, will select for those who lead more sedate and conservative lifestyles. Overall there will be a selective reduction of leftists.

Planned Parenthood
is also assisting with the removal of social leftists. Operation Rescue has documented 16 botched abortions at those facilities in the last 22 months. Their most recent case was due to an abortion attempt on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy. This kind of thing results from the objection to using sonography to determine the condition of the embryo or fetus prior to the procedure. Understand that this data on botched abortions is collected by a single group which documents random incidents occurring while pro-life witnesses are present. It represents the tip of the iceberg.

The American people need to experience some real pain before they turn themselves around.

the Tea Party needs to supplant the useless and leftist RNC which very purposefully lost the chance to take control of the U.S. Senate. Keep working!

Deb Butler, NC State Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’

NC Senate Candidate Waves ‘Transvaginal Wand’ in Campaign Ad | CNSNews.com.

Click above to see a video of NC State Senate Candidate Deb Butler Whining about her opponent Thom Goolsby.

Take a look at Deb Butler’s Endorsements from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and Lillians List.

Deb thinks the ultrasound is invasive but TAX PAYER FUNDED ABORTIONS are not.
Deb thinks that informing women before aborting their baby is invasive, but laminaria and suction cannulas are not.
Perhaps Deb also thinks that the TSA grope method, for which Planned Parenthood Charges Medicaid and the tax payers, is vital for cancer screening, but mammograms are extra. Her own party’s administration has cut the mammogram recommendation to every other year.

Pharmer thinks it’s stupid to do an abortion without knowing if the pregnancy is ectopic or not. Men wouldn’t tolerate such unguided surgical intervention as Deb Butler approves as the standard for women.

Pharmer thinks Deb Butler is every bit the fraud that Planned Parenthood is. Her ad is below.

‘Life issue’ not addressed by AME Church (OneNewsNow.com)

Pastor Joseph Parker of  Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church came away from his denomination’s convention in Nashville disappointed that the life issues were not addressed.  Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker, and with her husband’s record on abortion and related issues, one wouldn’t expect that to be her favorite topic.   Rev. Parker’s group distributed copies of Maafa  21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America.  a documentary of how minorities have been targeted by the abortion industry.  He points out that Obama’s government is supporting Planned Parenthood to the tune of a million dollars per day.

“We think of the fact that lots in the African-American community wouldn’t think highly of an organization like the KKK, but the reality is Planned Parenthood kills more African-Americans in two weeks than the Klan has killed in its whole 150 history,” notes Parker. “And so it’s important that people in the African-American community become aware of how dangerous the organization of Planned Parenthood is.”

via ‘Life issue’ not addressed by AME Church (OneNewsNow.com).

North Carolina’s Perdue’s Veto Overridden, Planned Parenthood Defunded

North Carolina Defunds Planned Parenthood In Midnight Vote, Overriding Veto.

North Carolina’s legislature had diligently attended to the defunding of Planned Parenthood with a second effort at legislation, this time to defund all private providers of family planning services. This redesign of the law was needed to overcome a judicial blockage which stopped their earlier attempt to defund the Abortion Giant.

That Laura Bassett of the HuffPo, (linked above), needs a waaaaaaaaambulance, is made obvious by her heavily slanted coverage of Monday night’s vote.

The NC legislature overrode Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto, to redirect $343,000 in state family planning funding away from the abortionists towards the county health departments.

Planned Parenthood, which does not provide free health care, is claiming that they will have to cut services due to the loss of tax payer support.

Getting to Know Planned Parenthood through its founder


Hat tip to Tamminator at Hillbuzz who tells us that planned unparenthood has gotten itself into a Los Angeles high school, where it can pollute the kids, dispense birth control, and refer for abortions, all without parental intervention. Planned unparenthood can employ its trademark chemical and abortive methods for regulating the population of the mostly Latino student body of Roosevelt High School from within the facility.