‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty | CNSnews.com

‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty | CNSnews.com.

Obama discussed his health care debacle with his fundraiser audience in St. Louis, creating a permanent record of deception regarding health insurance.

Insurance companies have highlighted coverage of mammograms for years, but in his comments, Obama pretended that his plan would put coverage where there had been none.   Quite the opposite.  With his administration came  a sudden reversal of  medical opinion: USPSTF says women do not need annual mammograms anymore.

Most (socialized) countries no longer offer annual mammograms for women  because their health programs cannot afford it.

“Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women just because you guys give birth”.  (A little sex confusion from Obama  the orator.)

What Obama was really discussing is the birth control and abortion coverage.   The insurance companies are being forced to cover birth control (including the  forms with abortive mechanism).   Surgical abortion coverage is also in the pipeline despite many denials to the contrary.

To bridge the abortion gap, the FDA approved Ella in Aug 2010.  Ulipristal acetate is an analog of mifepristone, RU-486, now marketed as a morning after pill.  Doses can be accumulated to provide for abortions at home, many of which will be completed at hospitals out of necessity.

In this way, the Obama administration has co opted the cooperation of every hospital in the practice of abortion.

After years of ignoring these warnings about the government coercing participation in abortion,  the US Catholic Bishops have been awakened to deal with the problem.

On their website is a request for people to urge their congressional representatives to  legislate a reversal of this aspect of Obamacare.

The bishops face an uphill battle after the issue of abortion and birth control has been downplayed for so many years. Use of hormonal birth control is rampant among Catholics who were raised in a vacuum of information concerning Catholic teaching on the matter, as well as the means by which the drugs operate. The Bishops are now trying to persuade people who use the pill to tell the government not to have it covered in the health care plan.

No Breast Cancer Screening at Walgreens, says Media Matters.

Walgreens disputes the claim that they offer pap smears and breast exams, according to this Media Matters blog.
Some Fox news commentators overestimated the scope of the Take Care Clinics which are affiliated with Walgreens pharmacies, and apparently offer rather limited health care services. Linda Nestler, spokesperson of Take Care Clinics is credited with this information.
Note also that Planned Parenthood, despite earlier statements, has not been offering mammography. Pharmer wonders if they might be wanting to bring in such equipment to counter what pro-lifers have uncovered. This might not happen because mammography is generally not a profit center for health care institutions. Reimbursement for services is not good.

Until further notice, Pharmer supposes that the Take Care Clinics at Walgreens (in contrast to planned parenthood) are not “taking care down there” by means of pap smears. And neither of them offer mammography.