Dial 911, for another Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance call for Steve Driehaus, Abortion Supporting Dem

When FORMER Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus lost his 2010 bid against Republican Steve Chabot, he threw a temper tantrum directed at the Susan B. Anthony list.  The latter pro-life group had put up billboards citing Driehaus for his abortion support, because he voted in favor of Obamacare.  At first Driehaus pursued a criminal charges against Marjorie Dannefelser, of the SBA list, with the Ohio Elections board.  That effort was abandoned for an attempt to turn his loss in to money with a civil defamation suit, claiming that the SBA list cost him his job.

This suit was allowed to proceed, but eventually was decided against sore loser, Driehaus, by Judge Timothy Black.   This Obama appointed Judge, a former director of planned parenthood, initially  supported Driehaus’s legal pursuits, but eventually tipped in favor of the SBA List.  Possible inducements for this decision probably included the ACLU’s  backing of  the SBA List, (and their own interests) as well as the recent Supreme Court decision of the Alvarez vs U.S. (Stolen Valor) case.


FLObama! It’s ART!!

Inspired by the latest artistic depiction of Obama as savior, Glenn Beck presents his very own work: FLObama, which features immersion of the presidential image in “countrytime” colored fluid, at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no doubt.

Watch for yourself.

Of course, Beck points out that the Obama Crucified -“Truth” artist, (Michael D’Antuono) the “Piss Christ” artist, and he, as the “FLObama” creator, all are making use of the First Amendment free speech rights.

We are waiting for the screams, wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the left, as “FLObama”, aka “Obama in PeePee” is sold for its rather large asking price.

Update quoted from The Blaze:  “The popular online auction site eBay has yanked a piece of artwork done by Glenn Beck citing its belief that the project featured an Obama figurine floating in actual urine (it was not, however).”

“Bids can now be emailed in the subject line to the following email address set up by Beck: obamapeepee@glennbeck.com


Is University Education Becoming a Waste?

Censorship in American Universities….

One of the interesting claims of this film is that the those with university educations live in the tightest echo chambers, while those who don’t attend university tend to have more diverse associations, and access to people with differing views.

Celestial Discharge: Unification Church Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon, the Korean religious leader and founder of the Unification Church has died of pneumonia  at the ripe age of 92.   He leaves behind 10 surviving children out of 14, and his second wife, Hak Ja Han Moon.   He was the founder of the Unification Church of about 3 million members, and significant financial assets.   People remember Rev. Moon for his massive wedding ceremonies, involving thousands of followers, and any one else who wanted to be blessed.  He’s also remembered for his interest in free speech and his dislike of communism.

Pharmer doesn’t remember  Rev Sun Myung Moon claiming  divinity along with his messianic ambitions. Unlike Obama, he did not promise to lower the seas. More like Romney, he wanted to help families ;-), as well as to  bring peace and save the world.

The Moonies of the 70s and 80s did seem a bit brain washed to me. They seemed to exhibit some characteristics of the Scientologists, but  it was less like slavery and it was easier to leave the Unification Church.

Most significantly, Pharmer   liked Rev. Moon’s newspaper, the Washington Times. The reporters were meticulously accurate with their story details.

via Unification Church Leader the Rev. Sun Myung Moon Has Died | TheBlaze.com.

Rep. Alcee Hastings Says Allen West Sent Chick-fil-A Chicken and Biscuits to Black Caucus Meeting | Video | TheBlaze.com

Rep. Alcee Hastings Says Allen West Sent Chick-fil-A Chicken and Biscuits to Black Caucus Meeting | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Alcee Hastings was offended when Allen West had Chick-fil-A catered at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting about six months ago.

Everyone was deeply offended says Hastings, though Angela Melvin, a spokesperson for West reports that not a plate of Chick-fil-A food was left after that meeting.

The Huff-Po reports on this event in the light of the latest free speech controversy involving the restaurant chain, though Allen West employed their services a half year earlier.

Pharmer calls a WAAAAAAMBULANCE for Alcee Hastings, and posts a more useful message from Allen West.

Georgia Supreme Court Knocks Down Law Restricting Assisted Suicides | Fox News

Georgia Supreme Court Knocks Down Law Restricting Assisted Suicides | Fox News.

It appears that Georgia has no law against assisted suicides. There has been a law which restricts the advertising of assisted suicide. The Final Exit Network has been advertising this, and the fact that they helped a 58 year old cancer patient kill himself. This lead to a conviction of four of their members, which was overturned by the state’s Supreme Court last Monday.

The Supreme Court said that to ban the advertising, when there is no law against assisted suicide, amounts to a restriction on freedom of speech. The opinion, by Justice Hugh Thompson, suggested making a law against assisted suicide itself, rather than selectively going after those who publicly proclaimed their activities.

Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor’s Free Speech Rights | LifeNews.com

Appeals Court Upholds Pro-Life Pastor’s Free Speech Rights | LifeNews.com.

Rev. Walter Hoye, has won a unanimous decision from the Leftie 9th Circuit court against the city of Oakland, CA which had been persecuting him for offering abortion alternatives to women entering abortion clinics.  Oakland had been found to only prosecute those who approached women in the clinic bubble zones if they were trying to dissuade women from abortion, not if they were advocating abortions.

The 9th Circuit Court concluded that Oakland’s enforcement policy is a constitutionally invalid, content-based regulation of speech”.


Congratulations to Rev. Hoye for prevailing in his steadfast defense of life, for which he had endured much hardship, including prison time.

Anti Obama Billboard Removed After Leftie Terrorists Threaten Sign Owner

After violent threats at his business, and then more such calls to his wife from leftie terrorists,  a billboard sign owner removed an anti Obama ad which had displayed in Grand Junction Colorado.

The billboard showed Obama as characters of  issues which his administration has mishandled,  a terrorist, gangster, a mexican bandito, and a homosexual.

The identity of the person who actually created and ran the billboard ad is not given.

Historically leftists hold at least  four top world records for killing those who oppose their views.

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler………