The World’s Biggest Tick Sucks $Billion by Betting Against Yen

George Soros Bags $1 Billion Betting Against Yen.

The latest host of the World’s biggest tick, George Soros, is Japan. Japan’s yen has taken a big dump, between November and February, losing 20% against the dollar. Soros has been sucking the whole time, gaining a billion in profits from the Japanese, whose government is printing money as fast as it can. Companion ticks are hedge funds: Greenlight Capital, Third Point, and Hayman Capital.

All You Need to Know About the World’s Biggest Tick: George Soros

MRC Special Report on George Soros: Godfather of the Left |

world's biggest tick
George Soros with a mouthful

The Media Research Center had prepared a report on the Godfather of the left,  George Soros.

Pharmer calls Soros “the World’s Biggest Tick“, since he engineers his profits  from the decline of nations.   In turn,  he feeds a large portion to the LEFTIES, who further the devolution and destruction of civilizations.

Like other Parasites,  George Soros eventually kills his hosts and moves on. 

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Summary of the Soros Report


The World’s Biggest TICK Sucks Up MF Global Bonds

Scavenging Soros: Market Speculator Buys Up $2 Billion of MF Global’s Debt | Video |

Remember that  hedge fund investment company that Jon Corzine destroyed?

George Soros knows how to make money by buying the debt of MF Global.   He has gotten around $2 billion dollars of  the European portion of the bonds.

Investors tend to follow the moves of Soros,  (picture a cluster of ticks sucking from the same site), so what he does has a magnified influence on markets.

Worlds Biggest Tick Fails to Have Insider Trading Conviction Overturned

Soros fails to quash insider trading conviction –

No luck with the European Court of Human Rights for George Soros, the World’s Biggest Tick.

They still think he’s a Tick – a parasite, an inside trader. The original case deals with his hedge fund  trade in the stock of Societe Generale, 14 years ago.

There is one last recourse for Soros to dodge the fine for breaking French trading law, and that is an appeal to the grand chamber of the same court.  It’s viewed as an unlikely possibility.

Someone Wants to Suck a Little Blood from The Worlds Biggest Tick


George Soros’s Brazilian ex-lover sues for $50m after he ‘broke his word’ over giving her £1.7m apartment | Mail Online.

28 year old Adriana Ferreyr is a Brazilian soap star who had  a 5 year “intimate” association with George Soros.


She’s suing him for 50 million (a pittance) citing his  broken promises, and claims that he exited the relationship with her in a rather violent fashion.

If your stomach is strong, read the Mail Online  for the details.



Inquiring Minds Ask -What is the World’s biggest Tick Up To

Did George Soros win 10/1 return on S&P’s US credit rating downgrade? | Mail Online.

There is speculation that George Soros,  the world’s biggest tick, made big bucks betting on a downgrade of the U.S. economy.

It wouldn’t be the first time that he pulled such a stunt, and the UK remembers him well for this.    That’s why the  Daily Mail airs such suspicions.

They speak of inside information needed  to have made such a bet, but really no such thing was required.  It’s obvious that the Obama  government can’t stop spending.    The only thing needed, to create disaster and then profit from it, is a lack of personal ethics, and we know Soros fills that bill.