Former Google Exec Reveals Elaborate UK Tax Avoidance Scheme

Barney Jones, employed by Google between 2002 and 2006, had a cache of emails which reveal an elaborate corporate scheme to move UK profits  to the Bahamas, by booking contracts with British customers through its Dublin office.   He claims that Google dodged hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes over a decade, using this diversion.

Google insider exposes ‘immoral’ tax scam | The Sunday Times.

We see that the lefties are quite attentive to minimizing their tax burdens.


Nerd News: Apple Wins Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Samsung

A U.S. jury has found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents. Unlike the decisions in other countries, Samsung lost its countersuit against Apple here. This case has huge implications, but the long term results are unpredictable. Samsung makes microprocessors for Apple. Its a huge company, selling a wide variety of products around the world, and this decision is a setback but certainly not a death knell. Their company officials note that U.S. consumers will lose the cost advantage that comes with competing companies and products in the tech toy market.

The patent battle against Samsung is a facet of Apple’s larger war against Google, which provides the operating system of many of Samsung’s tablets and phones.

Apple’s stock jumped to a new high at the news of the victory.

Apple Wins $1 Billion as Jury Finds Samsung Violated Patents – US Business News – CNBC.

National Labor Relations Board accepted Free Advertising from Google

Union-Controlled NLRB Suddenly Pulls Google Ads on ‘How to Start a Union’ |

The National Labor Relations Board, a governmental agency,  is funded by YOU,  and functions to encourage unionization.   It was noted that they had been running ads on Google, to this end, (worth big bucks) since 2008.

Observers figured that this was  $$ funded  $$ by You the taxpayer, and published this assumption.  This caused the NLRB to put a “fact check” on its site, announcing that those ads  were a free donation from Google.

Laborunionreport brought  up the second question as to whether the government run agency is supposed to accept freebies from a private business.

And THAT perhaps is what  caused the Google ads to suddenly disappear.  🙂

So check the links and follow this very interesting story of More Impropriety from the Union-fed Obama administration.

See the screenshots of these now disappeared Google ads.

Thanks to the folks at and for keeping a sharp eye out for us.  Could be that if you ever want to see them or the Pharm anymore, you’ll have to search on Bing ;-).

Now that the Union ads have come down from the big wide world web, perhaps Google would like to consider running them on a private intranet to teach its own employees how to unionize.  Wouldn’t that be fun?



Biden NYT Aneurysm scam linked on Google

I sent this to Drudge report already. But I would also like to record it on my private blog.
new york times page shows 1988 ap article about Biden’s second aneurysm. 20 year difference!

Giuliani was right. Biden is gone.
“Well, I’ll tell you, if I were Joe Biden, I’d want to get that V.P. thing in writing.”

Why does a 2008 NYT Times page show a May 4 1988 article about Biden’s old Aneurysm?

Go look at it before it disappears. When it does, no problem. I took a screen shot. I will ask for that to be published.

Will there be an investigation? A similar thing causes a run on AIRLINE STOCK. Billions!