Nerd News: Apple Wins Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Samsung

A U.S. jury has found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents. Unlike the decisions in other countries, Samsung lost its countersuit against Apple here. This case has huge implications, but the long term results are unpredictable. Samsung makes microprocessors for Apple. Its a huge company, selling a wide variety of products around the world, and this decision is a setback but certainly not a death knell. Their company officials note that U.S. consumers will lose the cost advantage that comes with competing companies and products in the tech toy market.

The patent battle against Samsung is a facet of Apple’s larger war against Google, which provides the operating system of many of Samsung’s tablets and phones.

Apple’s stock jumped to a new high at the news of the victory.

Apple Wins $1 Billion as Jury Finds Samsung Violated Patents – US Business News – CNBC.