ABC Demonstrates Cultural Rot at the TSA

Hundreds of TSA officers have been fired for stealing, despite the fact that most of their theft victims have almost zero  recourse once an item has been stolen.

Click below to see the rare ABC story worth viewing.  Staffers  tracked an iPad, using GPS and alarm features, from airport security in Orlando to the home of the TSA officer, Andy Ramirez.

Ramirez is of such low quality that he has been shown to have

1) transported an iPad which is not his from the airport to his home, apparently unaware that these devices are loaded or can be equipped  with tracking, file wiping, and various other anti-theft features.

2) denied having  it after ABC personnel announced that they had tracked it to his home via GPS

3) blamed the theft on his wife after the alarm was set off

Your Transportation Security Agency spends your tax dollars on such cowardly  idiots as Ramirez.

See for yourself.

via ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer – ABC News.

Nerd News: Apple Wins Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Samsung

A U.S. jury has found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents. Unlike the decisions in other countries, Samsung lost its countersuit against Apple here. This case has huge implications, but the long term results are unpredictable. Samsung makes microprocessors for Apple. Its a huge company, selling a wide variety of products around the world, and this decision is a setback but certainly not a death knell. Their company officials note that U.S. consumers will lose the cost advantage that comes with competing companies and products in the tech toy market.

The patent battle against Samsung is a facet of Apple’s larger war against Google, which provides the operating system of many of Samsung’s tablets and phones.

Apple’s stock jumped to a new high at the news of the victory.

Apple Wins $1 Billion as Jury Finds Samsung Violated Patents – US Business News – CNBC.

Your iPhone is Watching You

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

There’s a hidden program which  records a log  of your movements (as long as you’re carrying your phone or iPad) and stores them on a hidden file which is then synced with your computer.

You can learn more about your iPhone snooper HERE, and obtain a program which will show you where the file is on your computer and let you see what’s in it.

Apple doesn’t want to tell us too much about this, but insists that it’s not for specfically spying on you, but for use with location based applications.

While you’re having fun with digital data,  Look HERE.

Apple Rejects Manhatten Declaration App. A Financial Issue

Baptist Press – ‘Appalling’: Apple again rejects iPhone Christian ‘app’ – News with a Christian Perspective.

Apple has a need to address the encroaching competition from the Droid series of smart phones, hence the projected Feb 23 launch of iPhones with Verizon.

Recently the gay-sex community has pressured Apple into rejecting the Manhattan Declaration app, which it had originally accepted as containing no objectionable content.

Many gays find the Biblical restrictions on sexual activity  to be offensive, and Apple has  complied with their demands.   The Manhattan app has been resubmitted with 47,000 signatories petitioning for its distribution, and rejected a second time.

The Android operating system and Droid Line of phones work just fine, and supports  many thousands  of great apps.   The most significant app producers are using both platforms for their wares.   Android’s platform is open source,  and  more accessible to programmers.

Pharmer operates the original Droid, and more than one Ipod touch, and is fairly familiar with both markets.

If you subscribe to the Christian teachings on the issues of the sanctity of human life and its generation,  you might wish to  let Apple know that you’ll stick with your Droid, unless they cease their  specific suppression of Christian teaching on these issues, while continuing to host opposing viewpoints.

More on the removal of the Manhattan Declaration from Matthew Warner