Apple Rejects Manhatten Declaration App. A Financial Issue

Baptist Press – ‘Appalling’: Apple again rejects iPhone Christian ‘app’ – News with a Christian Perspective.

Apple has a need to address the encroaching competition from the Droid series of smart phones, hence the projected Feb 23 launch of iPhones with Verizon.

Recently the gay-sex community has pressured Apple into rejecting the Manhattan Declaration app, which it had originally accepted as containing no objectionable content.

Many gays find the Biblical restrictions on sexual activity  to be offensive, and Apple has  complied with their demands.   The Manhattan app has been resubmitted with 47,000 signatories petitioning for its distribution, and rejected a second time.

The Android operating system and Droid Line of phones work just fine, and supports  many thousands  of great apps.   The most significant app producers are using both platforms for their wares.   Android’s platform is open source,  and  more accessible to programmers.

Pharmer operates the original Droid, and more than one Ipod touch, and is fairly familiar with both markets.

If you subscribe to the Christian teachings on the issues of the sanctity of human life and its generation,  you might wish to  let Apple know that you’ll stick with your Droid, unless they cease their  specific suppression of Christian teaching on these issues, while continuing to host opposing viewpoints.

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