On the Advance of Civilization

The United States is at a cross roads. Some of our representatives have gotten a hold of this idea. They have correctly recognized that social issues and economic issues of the United States are intertwined, and that the social issues have to be addressed in order for the economic issues to be resolved.

This is the reason:

The Advance of Human Civilization is fueled by the desire to alleviate human suffering and human need.
If the suffering and need are concealed or erased by killing the victims, there will be no advancement.

We can see this already happening in the countries with socialized medicine. They have decided to stop treatment, and/or kill off those who have too many difficulties, or whose existence is not seen as profitable for the society as a whole. You can see what has happened to their capacities for medical and others scientific innovation. Which country still fosters the most scientific advancement, so that the most gifted people of the world flock here in order to accomplish their aims? It is still U.S.

If we decide to kill people because they have unmet needs, we will cease to advance as a civilization. All sorts of innovations will grind to a halt. We will enter a prolonged depression and dark age.

Listen to the likes of Bachmann, Palin, Cain, West, and the ones who came before them. They have a gut understanding of the main point, given above, though they might not be able to express it in as few words.
These people have the charisma to convey a more hopeful future for humanity, and lead others to it.

-K. L. Brauer

Apple Rejects Manhatten Declaration App. A Financial Issue

Baptist Press – ‘Appalling’: Apple again rejects iPhone Christian ‘app’ – News with a Christian Perspective.

Apple has a need to address the encroaching competition from the Droid series of smart phones, hence the projected Feb 23 launch of iPhones with Verizon.

Recently the gay-sex community has pressured Apple into rejecting the Manhattan Declaration app, which it had originally accepted as containing no objectionable content.

Many gays find the Biblical restrictions on sexual activity  to be offensive, and Apple has  complied with their demands.   The Manhattan app has been resubmitted with 47,000 signatories petitioning for its distribution, and rejected a second time.

The Android operating system and Droid Line of phones work just fine, and supports  many thousands  of great apps.   The most significant app producers are using both platforms for their wares.   Android’s platform is open source,  and  more accessible to programmers.

Pharmer operates the original Droid, and more than one Ipod touch, and is fairly familiar with both markets.

If you subscribe to the Christian teachings on the issues of the sanctity of human life and its generation,  you might wish to  let Apple know that you’ll stick with your Droid, unless they cease their  specific suppression of Christian teaching on these issues, while continuing to host opposing viewpoints.

More on the removal of the Manhattan Declaration from Matthew Warner

What David Marsland Really Said

David Marsland is scary, because he wants to let the government forcibly sterilize people, and pick which ones, but his statement is not quite as some reports indicated. A number of pro life and religious publications headlined that UK sociology Professor Marsland wanted to sterilize the unfit, or called for forced sterilization, etc. This isn’t exactly so.
It’s a natural, emotional response to wish that the gamete flow of child abusers could be corked up, as Marsland does. However, no one has the moral authority to force these bodily mutilations on other people. There needs to be recognition of a human autonomy to determine what is done to (just) one’s own body.

Marsland trusts government to decide who’s a child abuser, and forcibly sterilize these people.

Governments have shown themselves to be far too whacko to make any type of medical  decisions for anyone.

Pharmer is finding Marsland to be plenty misguided, with a seriously addled faith in government, but his actual words, recommending sterilization of child abusers, have him sounding more depressed and hopeless, and less a Hitler-ian eugenicist as some have implied.

This is Marsland’s brain “on” UK health care:


Christine Gregoire Backing Down from Abortion Extremism in Preparation for move to Washington DC

Washington state lawyers acknowledge pharmacies’ right to not stock Plan B :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Kevin Storman owned a number of Thriftway stores in the Olympia area of Washington State.   He decided to back his pharmacists decision (at Ralph’s Thriftway) to avoid stocking and dispensing the Plan B morning after pill.

This sent governor Christine Gregoire into a foaming frenzy of involving herself in a boycott of the stores, and threatening to fire members of the Washington Board of Pharmacy if they backed the freedom of pharmacists to conscientiously object to dispensing this abortive drug.

In 2009, a federal judge decided in favor of the store owners and pharmacists but that ruling was struck down on appeal and the case was remanded back to the district court.

Recently a request for summary judgment, from the Governor, was turned down, and trial was scheduled to resume in Federal District  Court in Tacoma, Washington.

This past Wednesday,  July 7, the Board’s lawyers signaled that there would be regulations enacted to protect pharmacists who would not dispense this drug, providing that they would refer the patient elsewhere.

Curiosity has arisen as to the reason behind  a Gregoire Administration reversal of policy regarding the pharmacists.

Gregoire, being crazy-pro-abortion enough,  was on the Obama Short List for Souter’s position on the U.S. Supreme court, but this position eventually went to Sotomayor.

Elena Kagan is the likely leftist body to fill the open position on the Supreme Court left by liberal Justice John  Stevens.   Gregoire is on the list to possibly occupy the solicitor general vacancy left by Kagan should she be confirmed.

Perhaps the prospect of moving to Washington DC has left Gregoire less interested in the local issues of  Washington State.

From the Becket Fund:  http://www.becketfund.org/files/final%20response%20to%20msj.pdf