What David Marsland Really Said

David Marsland is scary, because he wants to let the government forcibly sterilize people, and pick which ones, but his statement is not quite as some reports indicated. A number of pro life and religious publications headlined that UK sociology Professor Marsland wanted to sterilize the unfit, or called for forced sterilization, etc. This isn’t exactly so.
It’s a natural, emotional response to wish that the gamete flow of child abusers could be corked up, as Marsland does. However, no one has the moral authority to force these bodily mutilations on other people. There needs to be recognition of a human autonomy to determine what is done to (just) one’s own body.

Marsland trusts government to decide who’s a child abuser, and forcibly sterilize these people.

Governments have shown themselves to be far too whacko to make any type of medicalĀ  decisions for anyone.

Pharmer is finding Marsland to be plenty misguided, with a seriously addled faith in government, but his actual words, recommending sterilization of child abusers, have him sounding more depressed and hopeless, and less a Hitler-ian eugenicist as some have implied.

This is Marsland’s brain “on” UK health care: