Soylent Brown- Double Horsemeat Fraud

Horsemeat found in British supermarkets ‘may be donkey’ – Home News – UK – The Independent.

It seems that a change in Romanian regulations has banned horses drawn carriages from the roads.   This has resulted in wholesale slaughter of horses, and is said to have precipitated fraudulent horse meat distribution throughout Europe.

Now it appears that there may be an added problem.  Some of the horse meat might actually be DONKEY!!   Is it actual donkeys, or have leftists taken their convictions about recycling to the max??  🙂

The Food Standards Agency of Europe is rejecting the idea of a ban on all meat imports.  Their claim is that all the products on sale are safe for human consumption.

Pharmer begs to differ.


The Liverpool Care Pathway is Applied to Babies as Well as Terminally Ill and Elderly

Great Britain is killing about 130,000 HHS patients per year using the Liverpool Care Pathway, which is really a program to more quickly end the life of patients who are considered hopeless.

The article below, from the Daily Mail is a must click, because it gives a view from the health care professionals who have witnessed the Liverpool Care Pathway in action.  One doctor reveals that the parents of  children with severe illnesses are often pressured into accepting the Liverpool pathway.  They hope for a rapid, humane death for their babies, but wind up watching them shrivel away from starvation and dehydration over a period which averages 10 days duration.

This manner of ending human lives is essential for cost containment in government run health systems.   Read more about it below.

Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan | Mail Online.

More than THIRTY Embryos created for every baby born by IVF… and thousands are thrown away | Mail Online

THIRTY embryos created for every baby born by IVF… and thousands are thrown away | Mail Online.

According to a report supplied by Health Minister Lord Howe from the UK Department of Health, 3,144,836 Human Embryos have been created since passage of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act in 1991. Of these, 94,090 have been successfully implanted, resulting in live births. 1,454,832 Human Embryos were discarded, 101,605 were allocated to destructive research, and 762,311 were placed in frozen storage.
IVF ought to be renamed In Vitro Abortion, given this abysmal record.

American Life League has been touting NaPro Technology as an ethical alternative to the more invasive and abortive IVF. It focuses on addressing and solving the physical causes of infertility to assist couples in conceiving a child, and boasts a success rate rate above that of the IVF technologies.

Mother-of-two Sarah Catt terminated baby within week of due date using medication | Mail Online

Mother-of-two Sarah Catt terminated baby within week of due date using medication | Mail Online.

The above news story exemplifies the use of misoprostil alone in late term abortion.  Misoprostil (Cytotec) is a prostaglandin drug which causes uterine contractions and is used off label to induce labor.

The most common chemical abortion regimen utilizes mifepristone, a selective progestin receptor modulator, followed by misoprostil, to expel the embryo or fetus.

Planned Parenthood employs a regimen in which only a third of the recommended mifepristone is used, along with a large dose of misoprostil.    This is considered sufficiently effective, as the misoprostil will expel the unborn human dead or alive.

The woman in this Daily Mail story is said to have  killed her baby a week before full term, using misoprostil, which she bought online, to expel the baby.  At the time of writing, no one knows the location of the baby’s corpse.

UK care system leaves kids at risk of sexual abuse – report — RT

UK care system leaves kids at risk of sexual abuse – report — RT.

Recent high profile cases of child sex slavery have led  the British Parliament to an ‘urgent  investigation’ of the UK Child Care system.   A preliminary report declares  the Child Care program to be unfit.  Police estimate that 10,000 kids go missing each year, though the government reported only 930 cases last year.

A propensity for children to be housed in bad neighborhoods,  far from home is leading to increased cases of runaways, and sexual abuse.

The report revealed that within the child protection system, “it is often acceptable for adults engage in sex with children as long as it is “consensual”.”

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views |

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views |

Margaret Forrester, a psychological wellbeing practitioner with the Central and North West London NHS Trust, has filed suit against her employer for breaching her freedom of religion and freedom of speach. Mrs. Forrester was disciplined and suspended after an informal conversation with a colleague during which she presented a booklet and her views that abortion adversely affects the physical and mental health of women.

Mrs. Forrester, a Roman Catholic, is represented by the Thomas More Legal Centre. One of their spokespersons is wondering why the NHS objects to a discussion of abortion among their health service professionals: “If the NHS is not willing to allow the effects of Abortion to be discussed by NHS staff it raises a real question as to what the NHS is afraid of.”

British court rules Catholic midwives can be forced to participate in abortions |

British court rules Catholic midwives can be forced to participate in abortions |

Yes, it can be a lot harder to exercise rights of conscience once you rise into the supervisory and administrative ranks of health care institutions that must offer abortions.

Under socialized medicine, there might be some allowance for health care professionals to conscientiously avoid killing their patients. The problem with rising to the supervisory roles is that one would be forced to oversee the health care professionals who participate in this killing.

This is the crux of the case of two midwife supervisors, Miss Mary Doogan and Mrs Connie Wood, in the UK health system who did not want to involve themselves in that aspect of health care.

The judge in the Edinburgh Court of Session ruled against the midwives, saying that their job was not covered by conscience protections in the Abortion Act.

Judge Lady Smith excluded the senior midwives of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow from conscience protection because they were not actually performing abortions themselves.

Taya Kennedy, Modeling Star

Taya Kennedy: How Down Syndrome baby became the darling of the modelling world | Mail Online.

Taya Kennedy, a 14 month old girl from the UK has been signed on by Urban Angels, a well known model agency

Click above to see some of her pics. It’s easy to see why it didn’t bother the advertising minded people at Urban Angels Agency to find out, after the initial screenings, that  Taya has Down Syndrome. The camera ‘loves’ the kid. Proud parents are  Gemma Andre and Robbie Kennedy, who have had high optimism  for their daughter  from the beginning.

Christians Should Stop ‘Downgrading’ Christianity Says British Muslim Minister |

Christians Should Stop ‘Downgrading’ Christianity Says British Muslim Minister |

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi  (first female Muslim in the UK Cabinet) calls for Christians to quit being wimps.  Amazing!  She asks them to show more pride in their faith and not leave it at the door.

Warsi  makes reference to the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian in the Pakistani Cabinet, last March, and calls for more dialog among the religions, and more protection of minority religions in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Says the Baroness:

“We need to create a country in which people can be unashamedly proud of their faith – where they don’t feel that they have to leave religion at the door. That means being proud of Christianity, not downgrading it. It means encouraging people to say that their faith inspires what they do. It means supporting religious charities in delivering public services in schools, hospices and rehabilitation.”

Click the quote and read more of what she has to say about Shahbaz Bhatti, and his surviving brother Paul, who is now minorities adviser to the Pakistani Prime Minister.

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