UK Muslims Terrorize Albino Family

Coventry Albino Muslim family terrorised by hate campaign – Coventry News – News – Coventry Telegraph.

Bad mistake….. a national magazine  news article featured the daughter of  Aslam Parvez, an immigrant from Pakistan, mentioning her marriage to a Christian man.

Parvez’s family is unique because they can’t hide out too well.  He and his wife and all six kids are Albinos.  They are used to abuse due to said physical condition, but the Death threats from other Muslims have made their lives miserable.

The family can no longer attend Mosque, because the Muslim neighbors are offended about the marriage of his daughter.   They’ve been imitating the SEIU by  vandalizing the house, slashing tires and sending death threats.


NHS director dies after operation is cancelled four times at her own hospital | Mail Online

NHS director dies after operation is cancelled four times at her own hospital | Mail Online.

Margaret Hutchon, former mayor, and former non executive board member of Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust,  got  the death panel decision- by-delay at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

Her followup stomach operation was postponed four times  (9 months), and her nutritional status was said to be so poor, she did not survive long after the operation finally took place.

At age 72, perhaps she was low priority, according to the complete lives system for allocation of scarce medical resources.

Parasites Tear Up London

Anti-cuts demo: Protesters occupy Fortnum & Mason as half a million march on London | Mail Online.

It started as a Labor Union protest of the budget cuts in the UK,  but then the anarchists added their special touch.

Yes the UK is broke, and has to cut the budget.   The parasite class, is expecting money to fall from the sky  (same as in Greece) to fund the dependent lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Anarchists utilized the opportunity to tear up the Ritz  Hotel, and other landmarks  of  central London.

More pics and a timeline  are available at the the Telegraph.


WikiLeaks cables: US Gives Up UK’s Missile Secrets to Russia

WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets – Telegraph.

WTF!   The Wikileaks Task Force was not able to keep this corked up.

The US and Russia supposedly have long  shared their missile  information  (you KNOW this is one-sided),  but the UK liked  to keep their missile information secret, due to the relatively small size of their arsenal.

Wiki has leaked that the US appears to have sold the UK down the river in an attempt to get Russia to like America more, and sign the START treaty.  They agreed to give the info on all the Trident missiles supplied by the U.S.  to the UK.

This is something like a mother selling her daughter to a guy in order  to keep his support.  Utterly disgusting.

And the likes of  Senator Dick Lugar thought this was a good idea, apparently.

Mom Delivers Baby in Toilet of Kings Mill Hospital, UK

The latest in a collection of tales from the world of socialized medicine:

Mother gives birth in hospital toilet bowl as midwives ‘ignore calls for help’ | Mail Online.

Sharon Willoughby and Richard Sum are considering action against Kings Mill Hospital  in Nottinghamshire, for a maltreatment they and their baby recieved this past November.

Their baby, now 10 weeks old was delivered into a toilet after Willoughby’s cries for help were ignored by staff.  They had given her labor inducing drugs, but, the patient says, she had not been examined for progress of the birth.

Sum fished the baby out of the toilet. Their cries and pages for help went unanswered for 15 more  minutes  because the nurses ‘thought she was asking for tea’.  Sum  helped baby and mom back into the hospital room, then had to leave them to summon assistance.

Willoughby required  a transfusion due to blood loss, and remained in the hospital for three more days.

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph.

Travel carefully.  Other places do not have religious freedom.    You might be imprisoned or hung for saying the wrong thing.

Asia Bibi, a 45 year old mother of five is sentenced to hang for defaming Muhammed, although there is no evidence that she actually did or said such a thing.

Great Britain is another place of extreme political correctness, although at this time you might only be imprisoned for “hate speech” if you speak  opposition to Islam or to gay practice.

What David Marsland Really Said

David Marsland is scary, because he wants to let the government forcibly sterilize people, and pick which ones, but his statement is not quite as some reports indicated. A number of pro life and religious publications headlined that UK sociology Professor Marsland wanted to sterilize the unfit, or called for forced sterilization, etc. This isn’t exactly so.
It’s a natural, emotional response to wish that the gamete flow of child abusers could be corked up, as Marsland does. However, no one has the moral authority to force these bodily mutilations on other people. There needs to be recognition of a human autonomy to determine what is done to (just) one’s own body.

Marsland trusts government to decide who’s a child abuser, and forcibly sterilize these people.

Governments have shown themselves to be far too whacko to make any type of medical  decisions for anyone.

Pharmer is finding Marsland to be plenty misguided, with a seriously addled faith in government, but his actual words, recommending sterilization of child abusers, have him sounding more depressed and hopeless, and less a Hitler-ian eugenicist as some have implied.

This is Marsland’s brain “on” UK health care:


Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care –

Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care –

Some of the control of the UK health system will be moved to the primary care physicians, who will apparently answer to “independent” regulators outside of the central government.

This is one more in a long line of restructurings designed to fix the problems of government run health care and its inherent inefficiencies.

What really needs to happen is more decentralization of the FUNDING and real privatization.

The UK is desperate for cost controls, and the new plan purports to put thousands of health care adminstrators out of jobs.