Carolyn McCarthy Aims More Gun Control at You.

Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill – Shira Toeplitz –

You knew this was coming: milking the Arizona assassination, held to be so much more significant than that of Major Nidal Malik  Hasan, because political figures were hit, instead of military personnel.

Leftist Carolyn McCarthy wants to make sure that  crazies and criminals retain access to guns, and you don’t.   That way they can kill large numbers of law-abiding citizens easier.

Another Dem, Robert Brady wants legislation to limit speech criticizing a political figure, since it might incite leftist  loons to commit murder.

Since the  “educators” were unable to adequately  deal with, and report an obviously crazy student at  Pima Community College, all of the rest of us will be expected to surrender more of our second amendment rights, and become  more defenseless, dependent, and easily subdued by the government.

Remember,  the other leftist, Hitler, who similarly stifled his opposition making more vigorous use of  pre-existing gun  laws, and a new one targeting Jews, to disarm the citizenry.

Extra update: the unarmed group which subdued Loughner. This one, related  by the woman who apparently  grabbed Loughner’s  clip, is probably the more realistic of the tales floating about.  The group of people credited in an  ABC story:   Patricia Maisch, Bill Badger, Roger Sulzgeber, Joseph Zimudie.  Maisch’s own story differs from audio news reports, and the sheriff’s  statement.  She stated that ‘two gentlemen’   had Loughney on the ground before she grabbed at his clip.