Chairman of Buzzfeed will Halt Donations to Dems Who Fail to Support Gun Control

Kenneth Lerer, the chairman of, is a major financial supporter of Democrat politicians.  He has threatened to cut off funding to those who fail to support Obama’s program of expanded background checks for gun purchasers.  David Bohnett, a tech entrepreneur and Democrat money source is also threatening to cut off the funds for the same reason.  Grace Tsau-Wu, a Chicago money bundler has reached the same conclusion.

The Democrat politicians have to decide between their ability to get votes from their own  rank and file voters, vs the  ability to sell themselves  using money from the leftist oligarchy which runs their party.

Gabby Giffords’s Husband Buys AR-15

Gabby Giffords's Husband Buys AR-15.

<--- Worth a Click, because Mark E Kelly has been running around with his wife, Gabby Giffords, the latest poster-girl of gun control, giving testimony in favor of democrat weapons bans. On the day after such testimony, Kelly was photographed purchasing a 911-style semi-auto pistol, an AR-15 semi-auto rifle, and high capacity magazines. When the news leaked out, he announced on facebook that he would be turning in his AR-15 to Tucson police, but has not mentioned what he will do with his pistol.

Abortionist in Chief, Using Children as Props, Announces 23 New Gun Control Edicts

Obama signed 23 new executive orders, expanding federal control over the distribution and tracking of guns.  Congress is also expected to deal with new legislation, as a solution to the governments utter failure to enforce the existing legislation.  The fact that the cited gun violence is concentrated in the areas with the strictest gun control has been ignored, thus revealing that the new legislation is not about protection or safety at all.

As the Abortionist in Chief pretends to be pushing gun bans for the sake of the children, take some time, surfing links below, to review some of his killer classics:

Obama Selling His Daughters for the Abortion Cause Again.
Remember how he didn’t want his daughters to be PUNISHED with a baby?

Obama on Abortion: to the left of most abortionists

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation |

Opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of Illinois,


Obama Sells Gun Control By Assuring Us that Government is Incompetent to Protect Us

Obama’s explanation for the American lives lost in the Benghazi embassy is “sloppiness…. not intentional”.  Listen to more, for yourself, if you are feeling bulimic today. Hillary fell down, hit her empty head, and is unlikely to ever appear before Congress to explain her part in the debacle. No one from the Obama administration has lost their job as a result of this neglect. Requests from security forces leaving Benghazi last August, and repeated requests from the embassy itself, for more security, were rebuffed by the CIA and the White house. Calls for help during the attack were met with direct refusals to assist, and orders to neighboring security forces to stand down. After the attack, no American personnel were sent to investigate for weeks, and CNN reporters freely roamed the premises, picking up classified documents. This odd lack of concern is what fueled the popular idea that Obama has been sending arms to Al Quaeda, and no one involved in that mission was to survive.
But Obama tells us that he had no ulterior motives, he’s just incompetent, and he doesn’t mind letting the entire world know it.
That should be reassuring to everyone who’s thinking of giving up their guns to government buy back programs, and supporting new and useless gun bans.
It took police about 20 minutes to respond to the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, which is NOT a remote area. Teachers and children in public schools are unarmed and unprotected as a matter of public policy.
The government has shown us again and again that it lacks the ability and resolve to protect us from violent and crazy people.
Is your life worth protecting? Please understand that the government is unwilling or too incompetent to help you with that. It’s a job that you’ll have to do yourself, if you think you’re worth it.

Bloody Christmas Eve: 7 Shot in Chicago

In one of the most heavily gun-controlled American cities, 7 people received lead injections on Christmas Eve.
Obama won’t be visiting Chicago to mourn the injuries and loss of life. These victims are not kids of well to do suburbanites or potential political contributors.  For the most part, they represent  the group that the Democrats rely on as “voter stock”.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s solution for the ineffective gun control in Chicago is more gun control laws.

Bloody Christmas Eve: 7 Shot in Chicago.

Did you know that Obama’s kids’ school has 11 armed guards?

Fast and Furious? Sandy Hook Shooting

School shootings are what brought about the gun bans in other countries, and this might be the formula that  Obama is following.   Deaths of the youngest kids might be just the ticket for Obama to convince people that all guns should be banned everywhere, leaving us all even more helpless than those in such states as Connecticut, where the gun laws are already very strict.

Our confused news media hasn’t even been sure of the shooter’s identity, giving the brother of the shooter all sorts of additional social problems by publishing his name as the perpetrator.

Schools have been transformed into target rich environments  of helpless victims, as nearly all of them are known to be gun free zones, and the students are inculcated with “anti-bullying” doctrine accompanied by zero tolerance for self defense instincts.  

Prayers for the families of the people killed by one more confused and crazy guy, reared in the cognitive dissonance of  America’s increasing  spiritual vacuum.  How was he to know that killing kids is objectively wrong, when his own president thinks it should be  legal to throw newborn babies in a soiled linen room of a hospital to die?

Obama, the poster boy of  spiritual vacuum, managed to squeeze out a fake tear for the children, while addressing  today’s tragic consequence of America’s spiral into the toilet.

Pharmer wonders if another Fast and Furious project might be supplying  the guns to deranged people  for these kinds of shootings, as they have been supplying  the Mexican drug cartels.  It would take a special effort  to overcome the strict policies in these gun-restrictive states and their schools.   How else to bring about a change in public sentiment and a federal ban on firearms?

Massacres Not a Surprise to Authorities.

Massacres are useful for a government which desires more authority and control over the lives of its subjects. Therefore, there is a lack of motivation to use the data which is already available from their already authorized breaches of citizens’ privacy.

The FBI had been tracking Wade Michael Page, the perpetrator of the Sikh temple massacre, for 10 years. He is said to be member of a supposed white supremacist band, and the media, has labeled him as right wing, without actual knowledge. As we know, interviews of white supremacists in the past showed that many are democrat supporters, and therefore not right wing. Michael Page was demoted and discharged from the army.

James Holmes’ psychiatrist alerted the university police that her patient was a potential danger weeks before the Batman massacre took place. For a psychiatrist to get up the nerve to breach patient confidentiality, there has to be a huge indication that the patient is about to do something harmful to himself or others.

“Work Place Violence” perpetrator, Major Nidal Malik, Hasan, (Fort Hood Shooter) was passed up the chain in the Army by departments which wanted to get rid of him, then let loose at Ft. Hood, where the military personnel were not permitted to be usefully armed.  Both the Army and the FBI received sharp criticism in a Senate report for failure to act on obvious warning signs and reports that Hasan was radicalized, and a potential threat.

It’s   time for law enforcement to stop suppressing the free speech of peaceful protestors,  and attend to  the reports they are receiving about people who are truly capable of  mass killing. The politically correct ban on profiling instead has them checking the suprapubic catheters or breast implants of  travelers at airports,  and ignoring what’s in front of their noses.  Unfortunately they are subject to a government which sees terroristic attacks as useful for converting the citizenry into cowering sheep, unable to defend themselves.

ABC Attempted to Pin Batman Massacre on Tea Party

Blame game starts in Colorado shootings | Video |

ABC’s Good Morning America attempted to pin the Batman shootings in Colorado on James Holmes found on the Aurora Colorado Tea Party Site.   That individual is twice the age of the massacre suspect.

Pharmer wishes to return the favor. She wonders if the 24 year old James Holmes,  who is the actual suspect, obtained his firearm from the Fast and Furious disbursement, or some similar government effort to purposely place arms in the hands of crazy people, for the purpose of obtaining support for gun control.

Pharmer notes  that the Aurora Colorado location,  is very close to the Columbine massacre, giving it enhanced historical significance.

Pharmer also notes the  previous suggestions that  Batman was timed to be released for political reasons as it had a similarly named bogeyman as the investment company which Romney led, and  onto which Obama has projected myriad social  evils.  Is there a purposeful effort to cement said association in people’s minds?

Pro-lifers understand that Obama is quite capable of endorsing gratuitous killing,  in the form of abortion, infanticide, as well as the death panels of his health care plan.   He also is known for bragging about personally choosing who is to be killed next  in armed forces or drone operations. Our president has sucked all meaning out of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder is known for his connection to the disbursement of firearms to the drug cartels in Mexico, resulting in hundreds of  killings.   The purpose was to incite crimes in order to obtain the sentiment for gun control. Obama cites executive privilege in his coverup of  this Fast and Furious operation.

It is not difficult to believe that guns and explosives could have been supplied to the latest crazy killer, hoping for a new disaster, and to make a gullible  voter base  blame the killings on inanimate objects. Taking into consideration Obama’s past records, dealings and statements, arming a crazy man to sway public sentiment with a mass killing is not outside of his capabilities.

It’s “Tit for Tat”  to the mainstream media: Pharmer thinks they  are assisting Obama’s latest reelection effort, and will do it again.

Prayers for the Batman Massacre  victims and their families, and hopes that  the killer, and others who might  be involved, are brought to justice.

A Good Reason to Avoid Tourism in New York

Marine | New York Gun Law | Prison Sentence | The Daily Caller.

New York City has mandatory three year jail sentences for tourists who attempt to turn in their guns upon seeing a “no guns” sign.

Above is a story detailing the jail term faced by a marine from Indiana, with no criminal record, who turned in his gun at the Empire State building.  He did not know his concealed carry permit was not valid in the state.

New York is locking up tourists for not being aware of the strict gun prohibitions in that state.

Make it easy on yourself, Don’t vacation in New York City.